U did it again @_John_Doe. Simply amazing detail and presentation is spectacular! Not to mention sheer data is mind blowing. Rock on! :love_you_gesture:


New avatar mission added


An amazing collection, thanks a lot @_John_Doe!

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This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this.
You so deserve all the blessings from Mystic vision… Titan loot… Mission rewards… :wink:


I personally do 25-1 for Gadeirus+Atlantean Drone.

  1. it is one of the only two 5 wave stages in the last three Provinces (the other being 27-3)
  2. in 27-3 there is Atomos + Gadeirus as final bosses and you can easily screw up by not killing Atomos before he triggers and he is a kind of pain in the ■■■ then

So 25-1 all day long for me:
My team: Delilah-Gormek-Natalya-Azlar-Delilah (absolutely delightful for this stage)

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Color of levels - for color chest

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Wow, this is great. Thx for doing this

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then where is the blue chest?

can you be more specific?

There are no blue coloured stages in the picture. And I think it’s not the thing, as e.g. in s2-1.1 there are no green enemies…

Ha! I got it! They are indications for stages where you’ve got both bosses and enemies for different missions. So it should be coloured more like this:


Probably. Thats why i didnt edit the pic to put a legend there :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work. I’m sent this info to creator.

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I think that might be an intended feature of Discourse, but I’m not sure.

It looks like I have the option to edit posts older than that, so I assume it’s a permissions issue that’s by design.

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what does this mean?
i was demoted or something?


did the site changed?

Were you ever able to edit posts older than a month?

It does look like you’re not a Regular now, but I’m not sure if that’s related.

Moderators can do a fair number of things that regular users can’t, so I’m guessing that’s why I can edit older posts.

i was never a regular; and yes i could.

i think you can track all my edits and see which one was latest on a 1-month-older and check what happened from that point in time till present with my account/site rules.

lolz; new type of event challenges will popup and wont be able to update :confused:

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Nope regulars cant edit either.



so its a site problem. thx

@zephyr1 :arrow_double_up:

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Ah, I forgot you hadn’t ever been a Regular.

So then I’m really not sure, it seems like Discourse must have changed how that works at some point.

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