JimMe gone?

Will miss my favorite doo wop group - JimMe and The Panthers


On one of Anchor’s recent YouTube feeds he said JimMe was on a break due to IRL stuff.

Zero did the same and came back fighting fit.


I hope , he will be ok and sort all in His real life. I will wait for him. I want next chance to defeat him ! :slight_smile:


He’s not gone, just taking a break and chilling in Seven Days Fermented for a bit.


I got revenge raided by him 10hrs ago in beta so he ain’t that MIA :slight_smile:


Good. Like his approach to things.

Now, if we could get Revelate back more often


Oh man… I miss @Revelate so much!!!
I think we should start a petition to get him back!!


Maybe instead a collected works as a player guide

Can I second and third that? Rev!!!


Gone again. :frowning:

There seems to be a corelation between AW and missing 7 Days leaders.

Speaking as someone who has been able to kick the habit for a bit, it’s a hard game to come back to. I haven’t played in months, and I must say it’s been nice not to feel like I’m constantly on the clock (to hit titans and participate in wars and keep up with the chats and to click this or that so I’m not “wasting” energy or recruits).

I enjoy the game and am thinking of coming back and signing back on with my alliance, but the structure of the game—when part of an active alliance—is pretty demanding. And unfortunately, outside of an alliance, there’s not a lot to play for.

I’ll probably try to ease back in here soon, but it’s tough to balance with other responsibilities.


Yea i understand that but if you dont lead, you really only have to play an hour a day tops. You can pretty much bust out a half hour in the am and a half hour in the pm and call it good. Then play more with flasks and what not when u have more free time and it’s convenient.


That would be a casual player…some of us are more obsessive. Some some of us (not me thank god) even set an alarm for the next time a timer is running out - even if that is in the middle of the night or way too early in the AM.


You know how true that is for so very many things in life?

You could:
-Take that time to connect with loved ones
-Learn a new hobby - painting, singing, instrument, coding
-Exercise - new study shows that NOT exercising is more harmful to health than smoking

Of course. I like the game. I think it’s a fine ‘hobby.’ But man. When I look back one day and consider how I could’ve used this time. There’s a fair chance I’ll feel disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:


Also fair chance you would just slept an extra hour and still not have used it for those other things lol


So, JTB, this moderator thing…did anyone explain “off topic”? LOL


Duly noted, and fair point :wink:

I have self moderated

Noooooo… put it back. It’s OK for a thread to go off topic for a post or few, as long as it comes back. I think in context ur comment is fine.

Cmon @Bud, I know u were joking, and you’ll agree

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I actually have them locked in my basement doing better programming on the Zero-bot since the folks at UCLA team have their robot beating ours recently.


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