JF vs Mist Special

I don’t know if this should work like this. Quickly searched the forum and didn’t find a post.

In raid after JF’s Special I attacked with Mist’s special. The heroes got protected against the defence reduction of special skills but they didn’t get the defence buff.

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If that’s reproducible, I’d say it’s definiately a bug. If the enemy team resists the debuff, the defense bonus should take effect.

I have Mist leveled, I’ll see if I can find a JF to try it out on.

Mist special prevents them from getting new buffs, Jf flips her defense down against special to a buff but her special blocks the buff so neither the def down or the def buff are applied.


If you check Mist’s special:

You can see she applies immunity to new buffs before -defense against specials. So JF and others can’t apply defense buff.


Makes sense! Thank you for replying @Dwimmerlaik


Yeah thanks. That clears it out. I should have read Mist Special first in detail then it would have been clear.
Thanks again.

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This is definitely one of those instances where the order of what happens in the card matters a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

This was a good question to ask :+1:

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