JF special bug - order of damage

So, in this war I was up against an opponent who had 3 heroes left, two of which had minimal HP. I fired my last JF and thought, well at least the two wounded will go with the fire damage.
What happened then was that in his round both wounded heroes were able to attack and the third one was able to fire his SF, killing my JF before they recieved the fire DOT damage.
That cannot be the correct order. That would mean if he had had a status healer, he would have been able to disenchant before JFs SF would have done damage. With every other fire DOT it is the beginning of the round, so it doesn’t matter if your Rigard or Kunchen or Vivi is charged, you get the damage and then can heal.
Why is this ■■■■■■ up with JF?

Can you provide screenshot/video where DOT is applied at the beginning of turn? To my knowledge every DOT (not just fire) is always applied at the end of the turn, I have cleansed JF/Gravemaker many times immediately after they fired and took no Burn damage.

Every DoT in game has its damage phase at the end of the turn.

Dot ALWAYS inflicts AFTER the afflicteds turn.

It is the same on both offence & defence…

If the JF was on the OTHER team, the damage on your heroes wouldn’t be inflicted till after you made your “board” or “tile” movement.

For when it’s on the defence team, DpT is done AFTER all the ready specials & slash attacks are complete.

So no bug here.

Definitely not true. I had hundreds of occasions where my turn started, my Kunchen was charged and the damage of a GM or other DOT was afflicted before I could dispel.

Uh ok… Sure.

GM and this other DoT deal direct damage.

Dot itself however only gets inflicted in the change over between turns & is always after the turn of the afflicted.

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