JF defense ability not working against elemental reflection

I used Costume Viv’s special into Ursena’s yellow reflection while JF’s buffs were active and it still lowered her defense.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t intended because JF’s special raises the defense after a Master Lepus/killhare special.

Since there are no screenshots supporting your claim for others to offer their “valuable” insights, and still think it is a bug, you may contact support by clicking HERE.

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Try to replicate it and capture the screenshoot or video. @sedativ

If I’m reading this right, you were in effect hoping to buff your Viv by having the defense down reflected by Ursena and changed by JF?

My guess is this won’t work because once one of the effects happens the other is obsolete. Either Ursena’s works first, in which case the debuff is reflected, JF’s doesn’t do anything as no allies are having a defense down added. Or JF works first, in which case Ursena won’t reflect as it’s no longer a debuff. From your description it sounds like the first is happening.

(I don’t have either Ursena or JF so can’t check exactly what the cards say).

Edit: I have just reread your post. The JF is on your team? Then yes I agree it sounds like it might not be working as expected

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counterattack, and reflect, bypass all defense buffs.

You can see this when attacking Boril 's counterattack is bypassed by defending Boril’s counterattack.

So reflect yellow will bypass Jean-François’ defense buff.

You can also see this with upcoming Challenge event reflection.


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