JF Anzogh or Sartana

Who is better for my wizzard emblem now days?

It really depend on who are your other heroes and on wich areas do you wish to improve :slight_smile:

Without other information, I’d say JF for defense or Sartana for offense.

They are not going to be in defense team. When I max Tulley, I’m going to replace Guin with her, and remove emblems from Guin and put them on other 5*. And I will flank Tulley with GM and Vela, my other wizzards are Isarnia and Onatel plus 3 above.

Then, Anzogh have an edge on recovering from bad boards when against Telluria tanks due to his immunity and his special skill can help your red heroes not to get too many damage from Vela, Jean-François can help with his good tile damage, faster speed and higher elemental defense buff (he can also help when against Finley) while Sartana is a nice sniper even if she can’t compare with other dark snipers such as Seshat and Kageburado.

But I would emblem Onatel out of the ones you listed.

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