JekylandHyde [YouTube] Ninja Tower walkthrough, strategy guide, and team-building suggestions - videos included

I have since included a strategy guide, team-building guide, and many Ninja Tower Walk-through videos on this playlist: Ninja Towers - YouTube

Hope it helps!!


I was fortunate to have placed 8th in the first Ninja Tower.

I only lost Heimdall in one of the last levels, but he was no longer needed as he was getting switched for Ratatoskr. I had 3 or 4 other heroes with one curse at the end.

I wish the end of the Tower allowed us to see the top 100 after the event ended. It would also have been nice to be able to see scores in individual levels.

Here is the walkthrough video:


How many battle item you used? I don’t want to count them, since the video is so long, but did you keep count?

Thanks for sharing :star_struck:… And congrats :tada::partying_face:


Lucky?!?.. excuse me but with your level and experience it is a “must do” rank 8…:grimacing:


Well done @JekylandHyde. Fantastic ranking as usual. Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thats cool i guess but it only shows how legendary event bench was the only way to attain a high rank

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And it shows that the events are made just for such players! With great levels and a giant roaster full of maxed heroes… and a lot of items…

Fantastic work @JekylandHyde! Congrats on getting 8th place! :slightly_smiling_face:


These were the total weapons I brought into each level (did not necessarily use them all), but this is what was carried:

18 59 53 62 113 116 122 157
Scrolls Panacea Hurricanes Tornadoes Axes Bombs Dragons LG. Mana

Legendary bench? I used a number of 4* and many 5s that were only at 3/70.


I find it unique in the E&P community that questions on money spent come up. I have competed in many different things in my life and I have never seen so many questions about money. Even when I raced cars, it was clear that most fast cars spent more money, but I don’t ever recall anyone asking me after an event how much money I had spent.

I am not aware of any type of competition, in any field, that money spent (if spent well) doesn’t equate to improved results.

This question seems odd to me.


Maxed heroes? I used plenty of 3/70 5* and some maxed 4* heroes.
I do have a massive bench, but did not use most of it.

I was 9th in the Legendary Monthly challenge this month and I used a 3* hero at times.

Everything in E&P is about using the right hero for the job, not just grabbing “maxed 5*.”


Sorry don’t want to be impolite too, but i really don’t see any luck involved in it. Many things, but not really luck.
And congratulations, but that’s not a “strategy” that could be used by anyone.
Quite the opposite.

There’s many people here that struggled on the tower, can’t be surprised by not very positive reactions on your performance.

It sounds a bit more bragging rather then useful tips for your average player.

That said, long live to you and wish you all the best placement in the future too.


That money thing is really odd, we all know that and it’s the same in most aspects of life, even a tennis pro needed money for training and coaches to get somewhere etc. That and ranting about hero nerfing, bad summons etc is going nowhere. Congrats :fox_face: what I’m interested in is how you get the amounts of battle items needed for competing in those and especially challenge events. I keep all I get and forge for challenge events and never have more that 200 axes/bombs, 50 tornados, 20 dragons and especially the large mana is a problem since I need the roots for medium mana and bombs. I farm Atlantis with around 15-20 flasks to get those and always empty when challenge event is over to get to top1000-500-1000 ranks (Using about 20 flasks for events and not skipping bad boards but then not using items of course) And I got no Miki, the one I miss most for competing, my wu has a 80% miss chance :smile:
@JekylandHyde bonus question, do you save up challenge event stage scores, no one at your league shares anything in forum, like its a secret or a mystery. Would be interesting to see which levels I got near to the top and where is most space to improve.


There are plenty of ways to learn/adapt strategies from those who perhaps have more resources, but definitely a measure of intelligence and are generous enough to share how they reached an achievement.

I wasn’t prepared to use huge resources for this tower run, however I can still learn from someone who did, and definitely see ways I could use whatever resources I am happy to use, more intelligently next run.

It isn’t luck that produces a deep bench, its a great deal of forward planning and time investment (which can be done cheaply over time)

One thing that strikes me about the tower is that a great many S1 heroes have a use there, and are perhaps (taking into account the boosts available as you progress+ the resrictions) more useful than many of the fancier, harder to get heroes. Quintus and Thorne for example. I have levelled dupes of many S1 4* especially healers, and could not have completed the tower without them.


Yes, overseen heroes get their spots now too. My mvp was gullinbursti, never used him for anything and now he shines. Noor is great too for that.


I have only been able to compete at the top by learning from others and watching videos of what works. I am forever grateful for the top players that share what they do.

This particular video was simply a walk-through, not mean to be an instructional “how to.” The useful tips would need to be farmed form watching how the scores are achieved. I am currently working on a video on how to team build for the challenge events and the Ninja Tower.

As for bragging—sure why not? I put a lot of effort into the game, love pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and sharing the results. If that makes me a braggart, I am not going to lose sleep over it. There are much worse things to be called :slight_smile:


True story. I used to paly tournament chess—CHESS—and those with money had some level of advantages. It might not seem fair, but money does make many aspects of life (and competitions) easier.

Thanks for the congrats.

As for weaponing making, I am fortunate that all of my buildings are done so all of my iron is for weapons and emblems. I also do a ton of farming every day while I am living the rest of my life. That builds up a lot of food/iron for production. Lastly, I always advance every hero chest and raid for more groceries.

As for your bonus question, I keep a ton of data on various aspects of the game—including best scores on the challenge events. Not sure why it would be a secret to anyone as there are plenty of videos out there and information shared on FB.

I do not have significant data on the Epics, but I do for Rares and Legendary.


Yes, I used Gullinbursti for a few levels and Heimdall for the same reason—over clocking health is fantastic. I just finished leveling Garnett and she will be awesome for that too.


I appreciate your responses here as you have saved me time from ever replying to you again.

Incidentally, your post doesn’t sound condescending. It sounds bitter.


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