Jeeves - EP Discord Bot

@Lumi this is phenomenal! And exactly what I was looking for for my Discord Server. Thank you very much! :heart_eyes: :hugs: :+1:


@Novo , did you have any security issues or concerns?


Hi @princess1 I haven’t come across any issues, of course I have just added it today and have just started going through all the great commands. Feel free to add me as a friend on Discord and I can send you an invite to my server so you may check out Jeeves if you want. Novo2.0#4474


Thanks, I may try that! @Novo request sent

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This is a really important concern, and one that I’m glad you and your members are voicing. Security was one of the main reasons that I started programming Jeeves, aside from wanting to have a hobby I could complain about :wink: .

When Jeeves is initially invited to a server, he/it will create a database entry for the server. This entry contains the server ID, server name, and the server owner’s Discord tag. This is a security feature, as there are going to be a few preference settings and commands in the future that only the server owner will be able to control.

Aside from that, the only thing that Jeeves is programmed to track is the use of commands that he recognizes. This is something only I can view, and I don’t share with anyone else. I use it to understand if there are errors, and why he may suddenly stop working.

Any other conversations, messages on your server, or roles/channels that you might have are not programmed for Jeeves to recognize or pull and record. I’m really big about boundaries. Some features that I have in mind for him, later, might utilize these, but it will be a completely opt-in basis that is fully controlled by the server owner.

The only other method that I could possibly directly converse with members of your server is if they use Jeeves’ !feedback command, which is pretty much a bug reporting feature. A few helpful folk use this to tell me where improvements or proofreading needs to occur, and are sent a message in return any time that I update their feedback ticket. No one but the creator of the ticket is able to view their message, so it’s private from any other server (or channel, if you set it up that way).

Please let me know of any other security concerns you might have. I’ll answer as best as possible :slight_smile: .


Hi @Lumi wondering if it is possible to add the Calendar of Events that I create as a searchable function to Jeeves. Can you please contact me via Discord at Novo2.0#4474.

Link to calendar I’m referring to.

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Great job @Lumi I really appreciate the effort you and others have invested into the bot.
Do you a list of commands to share in written form in order that I can copy - paste this to my alliance Discord channel?
Thank you


This would be fantastic :smile:. It was on my docket to create a calendar, but I was working on other aspects that didn’t have the need for constant updating on my end. I’ll PM you on Discord :slight_smile:.

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If you use the command !instructions , it’ll give you a list of the current operable commands. Most (if not all) instructions for individual commands can be displayed by typing that blank command. For example, to see how to best research items, you can type !research .


I have 2 more commands I’m currently working on. Once they’re added, I’ll message each server owner so that they know :slight_smile:.

(Thank you, by the way :smiley:)

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The problem I have with that view is that I cannot structure the commands points as I want . I need to copy paste the complete command list as provided.
I want tok give my people to copy paste what they want rather to check and write it them self’s

I’m not sure I understand. Are you looking for a text version instead of the photo provided, or are you looking for a customized list specific to your server?

If you’re looking for a way to write out all of the instructions, just type “!instructions” and it’ll give you the text in the above photo.

Again, I may be misunderstanding the request. If so, I apologize.

I was looking for text version.

:loudspeaker:Hero Research:
!hero “name” - ex. !hero Joon = Displays a particularly hero’s card
!ascend “name” - Displays each tiger’s need for a given hero
!list “class, element, star” - search heroes by class, family, element, etc
loudspeaker Items and play guides

:loudspeaker:Items and play guides

!research “name” - Displays the info of the given item or resource

!guide “name” - Displays a event, quest or trial stage guide

:loudspeaker:TITAN and War

!titan loot - calculates the loot tier on given titan
!ppf - current points per flag and possibly final scores in war
!ocr - concerts Screenshots of titans/war to text

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Can you send me a message on Discord, so we can discuss it? The text version is included as part of the bot’s programming. I only included them all as a picture so as to not clutter up the post. Again, unless I’m missing something :slight_smile:.

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Small note to folks: Jeeves received an update this evening, so that all hero cards (3* and up) now have the following format.

These were designed to fit on a mobile device easier than the previous, while still including as much information as I could squeeze in. The blank space at the bottom right is being reserved for a future project, once I get a few other things out of the way.

Have a wonderful day :smiley::christmas_tree:


Seems to be an awesome discord ad-on. Nicely done :sunglasses:

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Hi @Lumi is this somewhere open source too and if it is, what programming language is this? I have similar things including the OCR part too. Just don’t have that much time on my hands. Once started with but end of the year leaves time into a black hole on my side :wink:

p.s. this is how my hero output looks right now. Perhaps it brings some ideas too :wink:

I know we chatted about this on Discord some, @riemers :slight_smile: . But, for those that think I may have ignored this lol: Jeeves is not open-source, due to the database that feeds into him. His main engine is javascript, but with a few other modules tied in.

I’m currently tidying up some of the code, while also expanding a few functions for those that use him. I’ve had a back and forth with different folks on the use of emoji numbers, etc.: some prefer text only, while others want all the bells and whistles lol. I’m looking into a way to service both. In the meantime, most menus and commands will be text, while the main images will go to hero cards, guides, and the like :slight_smile: .

I’ve been working on a fairly large update to Jeeves over the past couple of months, screenshots of which can be seen in the original post. These include:

  1. !list - A hero search function by buff, ailment, minion, rarity, element, family, class, and/or immediate attack type. Useful when trying to find related heroes, or countering others in battle.
  2. !hero - Updated hero cards, with Sword and Shield paths. Costume Bonus and 3/70 stats are slowly rolling out.
  3. !hunt - An ability to search for specific monsters by name, listing their Special Skill, season, stages, and element. Good for wanted missions, or just general curiosity.
  4. !settings - Enhanced settings for the server owner, so that they can tailor certain aspects as they see fit.
  5. !calendar - The ability to view @Novo’s calendar in your Discord server.

Looking back at the original post, a few images are way outdated now :smile:. Many thanks to everyone that has helped contribute to this, and especially to my alliance mates, who have kicked more tires than are in a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday lol.


Hi. Very much a beginner.

I’ve added Jeeves to our Discord channel but can’t find instructions of what to do next in order to add the E&P element to it. Is there any guides or info that I can access to walk me through what to do?

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