Jean Francois - DoT not at 304?

My Jean Francisco skill is 8 of 8 and Max damage is only 222 fire dmg over 2 turns is anybody else having this problem

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Burn damage is tied to attack stat.

Soon as you max him, he’ll have the 304 dmg or whatever it is.


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As above, DoT is linked to the attack stat of the hero. As your hero isn’t maxed out he won’t be at the advertised 304 damage until he is 8/8 AND 4-80

It’s also worth noting that this is why Emblems further increase hero’s DoT.

More information on the interaction between DoT & Attack Stat here:


Why isn’t the burn damage on JF special skill not max out even though I reached 8/8 . I only get 246 when he is advertised as 302?

Cuz you haven’t maxed him yet…

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That not supposed to matter, ive maxed out his special skill. Its never mattered on any other heros

It matters since its a fixed dmg not a %. It will also continue to rise if you put emblems on him


His attack should rise, but his or any other hero, special skill is supposed to go by 8 level scale that is separate from any other stat. Emblems have no effect on the special skill

Damage over time is effected by attack stat

As his attack stat goes up
So does his DoT


As has been explained above.

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Mine has gotten crazy, burning his own allies, i think i feed him to my Cheshire Cat, who looks hungry all the time anyway :smile:

Closing as a duplicate.

Burn damage scales with the attack stat. He needs to be maxed (i.e. have max base attack) to have the 302 base burn damage


ah… thank’s. I thought that is enough to be max leveled special skill

Yep, not a bug. I’ll add the recommended reading link.

Downside: it is NOT enough to max the special skill level.

Upside: when you increase his attack stat via troops or emblems, his DoT will be even higher than 302.


Thanks @IvyTheTerrible. With this resolved, I’ll close the thread.


Jean Francois is not working as intended its seems to be stuck at 184 for although I have him full ascended and emblemed

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