Jean François Defense Status Ailment Protection Bug

While raiding with Jean François, I’ve noticed that his defense status protection sometimes does not work as intended. I have narrowed it down to a specific situation.

If a defense down debuff is applied by the enemy on the final turn of JFs status protection, the protection works and allies momentarily receive the defense bonus, however the buff immediately fades when my next turn begins, instead of lasting 4 turns.

This is definitely not the intended effect, as if the defense protection is triggered on any other turn of JFs protection, the resulting defense buff will persist the stated 4 turns, including after the defense status protection itself is no longer active.

This appears to be the game reading the game improperly connecting the defense status protection causing them to both fade simultaneously in this specific situation.

I have noticed other posters have complained about this phenomenon but their concerns were largely attributed to the resultant defense buff being dispelled by the same or subsequent attack to the one that triggered it. I can confirm through testing that this occurs even when no dispel is cast, and even when the enemy team has no dispel abilities whatsoever.

Steps to reproduce this bug:

  1. JF casts Seal of Fire, granting team Defense Status Protection.
  2. On the 4th and final turn of Defense Status Protection, the enemy team uses a defense debuff ability. The word PROTECTED appears and the defense boost buff momentarily appears.
  3. As the player’s next turn begins, the Defense Status Protection correctly fades and the defense boost buff incorrectly fades.

I hope this helps track and correct this issue.


Ah, so that’s the reason I’ve felt he wasn’t playing with the results I had expected from him. I’m glad someone with the knowledge of the game and attention to detail was able to find the problem. I play with broad strategy and intuition, so I was never going to figure it out. Thanks!

Just want to say great job testing and writing up clear repro steps. Deserves a dev response!

@Petri please see posting above. Does SG have an opinion on this?

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