Jean-françois defense protection

Jean-françois’ defense protection didn’t work, more than once in raids. The pop-up “protection” still comes out but the affected heros lose their buffs. (At this point, there are no defense ailment nor defense buffs). Gravemaker kept his elemental link, otherwise the reversing buff, ice buff and defense buff were removed.

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In order to report a bug, it’s important to provide screenshots or video of the situation. That way, we can deliberate on whether or not it’s a bug or acting as intended.

was it maybe dispelled? Who did hit to activate JFs special?

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It seems to work as intended. Look at my vivicacostumes special. The effects work one after the other.

  1. Vivica heals
  2. Vivica lowers defense (jeanfrancoise makes it a defense buff)
  3. Vivica dispels all enemies

As the elemental link is undispellable, it isnt removed :slight_smile:

Glad I could help you out there, I just wondered about this this morning with my JF versus enemy vivicacostume and was confused for a second

I see, since it was from Frida, indeed the debuff happened after the forementionned exchange. Thank you!

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