Jean-François +94 % defense against Ice (Working as Intended - Staff Response #39)

Jean-François +94% defense against Ice, is it calculated properly? Did not do real research but damafe from Finley looks bit to high. Would like to hear official explanation.

See the pierce thing above Finley?

Means he pierced the buffs on the defence team…

I’m not 100% sure but I remember reading somwhwere that for special skills, the pierce ability of rangers only needs to trigger ONCE to apply to ALL enemies hit by that special…



Wait. I’m confused because, if he does that, shouldn’t that actually make it worse for Ice infliction? All allies get Defense Status Protection for 4 turns. New status ailments affecting defense will be replaced by +42% Defense for 4 turns.

Unless Finley doesn’t truly inflict a Defense ailment, but simply a removal? I just thought inflicting or removing was still considered for “Defense Status Protection.”

The order of Finley’s card is:
Damage first
Defence debuff second

So the defence inverter of JFs special will still trigger but the damage comes thru regardless :slight_smile:


I don’t get something. Finleys damage went trough in 3 out of 5 cases. But it is written that only in case of Marjana Finleys damage went through fully. There is definitely a bug. At least visual.

Do you remember who was targetted first?

Interesting. Thanks for clarifying, and for exposing a weakness in JF’s buffs, thus ruining my future chance at an All-Red Defensive Wall! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That is not my screen, I got it from my alliance member. But you can see that Grazul has highest damage.
I understand what you are saying, that Finley hit Marjana first. Actually it doesn’t matter, gap between damages is huge. Should be written to 3 heroes that Finleys damage went trough. But it is written only once.

Another screen. This time correct. It is clear that something is wrong with Finley or Jean Francois. Or just visual problem.

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The pierce does not happen automatically for every hit. For every enemy hit there is chance to pierce. The above is some very “lucky” hit - 3 times pierce and 2 times dodge so Finley doesn’t get the reflect damage and kill himself.


Ok, I thought that I read somewhere that the pierce only had to trigger once?

Don’t know for sure, don’t pay much attention to any of the talents :L

We have checked it - we had another topic where we did videos and were checking BK + Mits vs blue + Finley vs Mits

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Thanks for explanation. My logic then says that algorithm is way to simple and it doesn’t work properly. We just have to live with it. At least I learned something new.

Really thanks for your effort, I appreciate it.

Sorry made a boo-boo, and have removed that post.

As stated by @AS2019, the pierce ability must trigger for each hit to bypass the buffs.

Not knowing the order of hits in the first SS it’s hard to say the damage decrease etc…

But in the second one, the order of striking is as written:

  1. Strikes Vivica, pierce activates bypassing all the buffs.
  2. Strikes jackal but jackal dodges
  3. Strikes Jean Francois, pierce activates bypassing all the buffs.
  4. Strikes Musashi who dodged
  5. Strikes mitsuko, pierce activates bypassing all buffs.

Also you can see in this topic a video ( post 34 ) - Finley pierce Mitsuko but kills himself from the other reflects.

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Now looking again at the picture, something is very wrong with the ice defense. Usually on defense as we all know both slash attack and special skill are colour neutral before elemental defense down. Would have expected that the elemental defense up for JF would be the same and will count Finley( any other blue special skill as blue ) - but clearly not the case as there is no way Finley does 959 damage if the case. This makes the elemental defense up of JF useless in offence and worth something only on defense - i think this is a bug.

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You want to say that Finley bypasses all buffs in one go and not individually? That means no buff stacking available (Mitsuko, Jean-François and Vivica). Good to know.

Sorry that I can not press Solution button. You both explained things clear but I still think something is wrong, at least visually. Same how I could not accept Wilbur + Black Knight case. My problem not your.

Thank you. I definitely don’t want to argue with both of you. You are trying to help and I really appreciate it. I just wanted official answer from developers. If they say - everything is fine, I will accept it. And yes I agree, 900+ damage to Vivica is crazy. Without any buffs.

I think that was:
Marjana (pierced)

There is something weird about SG damage formula.

Even the -100% attack Malosi v.2 only cut titan damage by half.

I have posted in damage formula thread before that grimm -34% defense seem not working properly with the formula mentioned in that thread.

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No, it has to trigger once per enemy hit.

EDIT: I see it’s been addressed and discussed :slight_smile:

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