Jean-François – 5* Fire/ Red - February 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)



Guvnor dont talk about killing kids its overdramatic and in poor taste.
You are saying that those without gm will be happy with jf and like many posts have shown we are not happy. If you had one set of mats and had to pick between gm or jf there would not be a hesitation in anyones mind who to ascend first. (Not talking dupes).

My comments regarding what i would prefer a beta testers role to be is still my opinion irrelavent of what testers are instructed to give feedback on. I dont believe the system is working and recent hero releases concur with me.

I pulled jf but plan to save my mats until i can try for gm in atlantis or wait for s3 heros to be rolled out.


Well considering you didn’t specify… But anyway, offence or defence doesn’t change my statemetns or opinion…
In fact specifying offence actually is more in line with what I was saying with regards to GM owners will be happy as it adds a second burny burner for war depth etc…

Anyways, you got your opinion. I got mine.

I got asked if my opinion had changed and I answered. Nothing ore to it.

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Over dramatic maybe. Poor taste, probably.

Doesn’t change the accuracy of it… You’re blaming the wrong person… Beta testers only advise. SGG make decisions.

Don’t have anything more to say on this topic.

Edit: I can change the analogy to if a house burns down, do you blame the firefighters for not saving it quick enough or the person who lit the fire?


That’s fair. Let’s just agree to disagree then. Not a bad hero but not a great one either IMO

@Rigs mentioned he rather save rings for GM when he returns before pulling trigger on JF, and I think the same


That could be a good way of doing it.

Just remember:

  1. GM is appearing next in may (thats 3 months away)
  2. Gm has a really really low probability of dropping compared to JF.

Just be prepared to pay the cost if you do “chase” GM when he’s next featured in atlantis… Linking to a Warning for Chasing Heroes thread:

Thanks for reminder! I usually stick to a budget, so I’m not even sure if I’ll get a JF to begin with let alone GM.

Best case scenario for me is to start churning TC20 and hope for Marjana


This is a sad version of JF. He was initially way over tuned. The way to go was 3 heroes with the same amount of burn. Sadly SGG didn’t see that as a viable option.

Here’s to hoping he receives slight compensatory buffs to some other part of his special.

I sincerely hope that you understand how transparently poor this is to use as a yardstick. JF is the same speed and durability as all top tier flanks not named GM or Kage, and there are approximately zero complaints about the reliability of Zeline or Drake.




To say that JF is bad seems to me to be unfair. He’s a good hero. Could be better? Yes, for sure.

I think the nerf was excessive. Is this the fault of the betas? Of course not! The nerf they asked for was the destructive monster JF V1, which needed a smart adjustment of the damage, not a 50% nerf in the “potential” of the DOT. Many asked for a higher DOT in 3 rounds, but with a decrease to 3 rounds too, in the defensive part of the special. Unfortunately, SG is not interested in finding a point between the extremes. You either accept the overpower hero, or settle for half of it. There is no middle point. JF was the second case in which this happened.


Yes except they do DIRECT damage. Jf relies solely on burn (and being fast compared to very fast with GM easily countered) and it’s comparable hero is SUPERIOR. Drake is also a upgrade from justice which would be his comparable hero as they both have blind and obviously with speed drake is superior .

As I said just hope you all are as passionate campaigning for realm bonus and s3 nerf to keep consistency otherwise it reinforces the thought that the feedback for nerf was to protect GM owners heroes and advantage


When all heroes on both teams are fully emblemed:

Attacking Zeline direct damage is around 150 on offense, while Defending Zeline is around 250. Meanwhile Attacking JF will deal around 448 after 2 turns while Defending JF will deal around 538 after 2 turns. 1 turn of JF’s DoT is higher than Zeline’s direct damage unless the opponent is blue hero whom Zeline have extra damage against… (Is this correct?)

Her ailment can be cleansed too.

While Zeline give dispel, JF give defense ailment protection.


probably doesn’t affect And possibly over reaching but dont you think the language used is also a reason why SG go to extremes when nerfing.
I don’t know about you but when a hero is described as OP and meta breaking don’t you think that any adjustments would be severe compared to less forceful language which would have them tinkering rather then doing sever cuts


I’m not comparing Zeline and Jf I’m comparing Jf to GM. I was responding to comment about no one complaining about other heroes which I used drake as example .
I’m comparing JF and GM and fact is your calculations mean nothing due to GM being very fast and will more likely to fire a special at least once than JF. And if you think speed means nothing then I will compare Jf to ursena who can wipe out a team with direct damage on one hit.

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Hit all, give ailment, give one more thing beneficial to the team that is not ailment, fast speed. JF closest comparison should have been Zeline.

The comment you were responding talk about Zeline and Drake. So when you said:

I assume it refer to Zeline and Drake.

Morning everyone,

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Have a fabulous Sunday :slightly_smiling_face:


I have him maxed with 7 emblems and put him in war defense as right wing. Curious to see how defense holds up with him.


The developers are professionals in the field, it is hoped that the betas’ vocabulary, or the way they speak, will not influence their project, but the content of what they are saying.

There were only two test versions, this seems to me little, as a measure of urgency, because they are in a hurry with other projects, like S3 for example. I don’t really know, I’m speculating.

However, I think it is wrong to place the responsibility on our fellow players, when the responsibility for the throws belongs to SG. It’s their business, they make the money from the product. So the responsibility to launch something better is also theirs.


A friendly reminder, @Red_Sun

I’m not questioning your motives, but let’s move it along :+1:


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