Jean-François – 5* Fire/ Red - February 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Do you mean if you fired 2 JF’s would the DoT be doubled?

I don’t think it would be doubled, but @zephyr1 or @Guvnor will probably know.

no i just tried it out … then it make no sense , if u call both the enemy just get 2 rounds of dmg and just from one j.f. .pitty …
or you have to wait 2 rounds to trigger the second j.f.

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This is not new. The same applies to Gravemaker and every other hero with burn damage.

But why would you run two in the first place?


Ok then it make not really sence to put 2 in 1 Team… thx and sry for my stupid newbiw questions

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Yup as you found out, they defintily don’t double.

Good rule of thumb is that anything that gives the same Status Effect Symbol will over-write each other:

  • JF will over-write the Burn Damage from Marjana, Azlar, Kelile, Nashgar and GM (and vice-versa)
  • Sartana will over-write the Poison damage from Proteus & vice versa
  • Rana will over-write the Sand Damage from Yunan, Jabber, Gafar, Hisan or Arman (or vice-versa)

Note tho that each of these Damage Over Time’s will stack with a different type.

The only exception to the “over-writing” rule is if the FIRST DoT is an “Undispellable” type (e.g. Jabberwock’s poison damage). This cannot be over-written (or cleansed).

A good guide to Status-Effects & DoT is linked below:


Wow nice thx for advise.:ok_hand:


That’s why I tagged @Guvnor. He always explains things far better than I could. Good luck going forward! :grin:


BTW, I’m a relative noob as well. :grin:

Is JF worth fully ascending? I have 6 rings only and don’t want to spend it on the wrong hero. I also have Mitsuko, Grazul, And Santa. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

One way to help decide is to consider what class you have excess emblems of. If you have nowhere to put sorcerer emblems, Mitsuko. Extra wizard emblems? Go JF, etc.

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Damn that’s tough my wizard I spent them on Kash cause I needed a green tank but now I have telluria so should I strip them off Kash and out them on JF? I haven’t worked on Telluria yet though. I have enough to level her up. You do have a good point on emblems. That’s how I have basing most of my ascensions.

Mitsuko for sure :slightly_smiling_face: I have her and love her.

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Yeah she is really great against ice heroes which I like mine is at 2/60 because of the limited hidden blades I have.

How about Natalya’s burn damage? Will it be over-writed?

You quoted the answer to your question.

Natalya Burn Damage is “Undispellable” thus cannot be over-written by another burn…


However JF may be, this is what we have got. So, considering that, I had this following question:

Kashhrek is an excellent tank up until about mid platinum and that’s it. Once you start exceeding that level, you won’t use him any more. Bring up Telluria and JF. Once you do, strip the emblems off Kashhrek.


That’s true I was planning on doing that but wasn’t sure.

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