January hotm

Ok I guess I’ve missed something again. How do we know January is Holy? Ty for your input.

Because we have seen her star rising in the east… and in beta. Onatel, the Blind Seer. One of my favorite designs to date. I’ve got her darts carefully set aside!


Its an educated guess based on what is in beta. But I don’t think anyone outside of SG is 100% sure. But it is very likely.

Do you have her player card? What’s her special look like?

That’s beta content, sorry. She’s a mana control specialist.

Slow or Average speed?

Average in her current beta incarnation.

She’s another yellow mana manipulating tank. Better stats than guin, steals mana instead of just cuttin it, doesnt heal.

You’ll be rerolling guin for onatel and onatel for guin in diamond, might as well eat the other colors besides purple and just mono raid from now on. Oh and she can’t be blinded.

Great design for those that get her. Those that don’t will start a complaint thread within a week of release


Does she come out first of the year?

Not a mod. Still not

Yes december 31st. Hotm time remaining is shown in game i believe

Also, we know it’s most likely a holy because the Hotm go in a clear rotation when it comes to color. If nothing change it will go holy-dark-ice-fire-nature.

Very true!

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@Rigs I’m going to get a jump on the competition and start complaining about how OP she is before she even hits the street. Then, if I get lucky and draw her, I’ll just end the thread with “Nevermind. Turns out she’s fine.” :sunglasses:


Lol might as well. The extra “resist” perk is what dumbfounds me, well that and another average mana speed, mana manipulating tank is still enough to make my eyes roll in the back of my head so hard they almost dont come back to normal

google shows her as slow… but i believe you :slight_smile:

Average? Seriously? Thus is getting a bit silly. If February hotm also gets changed to average I think I’ll be done as the power creep has turned into a power sprint. SG… Just release them as 6 stars and own up to what you’re doing.

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All I can think is that SGG figured that the Guin killing crews are pretty transferrable. And the anti-blind basically only hurts Drake. So it’s not the end of the world.

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Remember, so long as she is in Beta, she is subject to change.

(When Beta players see an OP hero, they say so…and adjustments are often made before said hero gets to the gate.)

This is why Beta content is restricted; its not entirely accurate until the hero is finally released. :slight_smile:


She was buffed from slow lol

Average mana isnt a nerf

And this looks like a repeat of last year

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