January deal?

This isn’t a complaint, but a simple question. Why wouldn’t they give us the option to buy the January deal at the beginning of the month and let it run for the entire month of January?

I think, since the turn of the year, the devs have been focusing their efforts on alliance wars rollout, I think if it was called an epic deal there wouldnt be any issue, I would just ignore its title for now,


It’s a marketing tactic designed to increase sales. By only offering the deal in a short window of time, they know people will make an emotional decision whether or not to buy, which will result in more people buying it impulsively. If they gave all month, then players could more easily put off the purchase decision until their initial emotional reaction had faded and many would decide, more rationally, that they don’t need to buy the deal.


On the flip side, running then deal all month, one would think more players have time to decide and/or save, to purchase the deal. So in the long run, it would be more profitable.

I’m more curious as to whether or not we’ll get deals for the rest of the month, kinda like the December calendar deals, seeing as it appears to be a calendar. Would be nice to have that again, even if there’s no freebie, was still a good way to get a few mats for a few bucks, as opposed to buying the larger deals.

Deals come and go. December’s calendar was special. I hope to see SG do it again, though I’m not sure what their window is for that sort of thing. :wink:

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The December Calendar of deals (including Sunday freebies) is tied to the Seasonal Event. They have a calendar of deals (including Sunday freebies) for each Seasonal Event. The last Sunday freebie has been a set of flasks - WE Flask/Titan Flask and Raid Flask.