January deal

Where exactly is the 540% deal?

I value battle manual and chain mail at nothing so from what I see this is maybe even worse than the daily winter deals;

I do appreciate them putting shields in but most importantly the random 1* crafting items :wink:

Sigh, individuals value different things, but if the offer isn’t good enough for you don’t buy it.

Top gem rate, and a shield? Sold.

The rest wtfever.


Now now, we can’t argument every single deal they offer.
But in my opinion, everything that gives ascension items for sure it’s the best, just think about it.

Many complain about the thing that all is RNG based. Well, this time you get 2 ascension items for sure with a very reasonable price (and my soul of F2P just screaming, but i’m fine as long as they don’t gives 4* ascension items at the same rate i change my pants)


I think the comparison is valid trap tools + 200 gems for 1.99 same for shield during winter event. So if u only value those 4 items it’s really $3.99 for what u paid $1.99 in winter. Almost 2x devs are testing price elasticity. :slight_smile: sadly I’ll buy all three.

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Been waiting 3 months !!! For a shield… needed 3. Got one in shrikewood.
Now with gems and trap tools? Course I’ll get… and go be free Caedmon kkkkk

I always assess on my current needs, which is often a mistake because I find that 2 weeks later I need what I could have bought :slight_smile:

It’s hard to pass these up, but, there’s just something that feels better to me on the $1.99 deals then the ones that are loaded up with stuff, some I need, others that are nice, but I don’t.

Yomama nailed it though, I think on the price testing.

Great deal. I bought two to ascend Lianna to final.

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I bought all 3 of these immediately. Trap Tools & Shield together is a great deal, and that’s a good rate for gems anyway. Totally worth it if you spend anything.


The December deals were the best i’d ever seen, bar one, so I’m not complaining if these aren’t “as good as” December’s. :wink:


I don’t know how you guys figure these are good rates for gems. This is the normal sale rate. The good rate is when they are $0.005 each. ie, $0.99 for 200 where you can buy 5x (dunno why they just don’t do 1000 for $4.95 and save themselves the transaction fees).

I was overjoyed to see this deal pop up this morning! The gem rate + trapctools is pretty good, but those shields!!! Purchased all three as fast as I could.

Hopefully next month will bring something similar, except capes and orbs?

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Gems are only a side dish, the ascension items are the main protagonist.

Useless to buy 1000 gems for 5$, if with that 1000 gems you get only rage.


I think the feeling is that it aligns with the best rate offered all the time for gems in the store (10,000 gems for $100 if we’re in USD).

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It’s weird that yours says 10.99 when mine is $7.99

I still buy that rage each time, lol. It gives a CHANCE at non-rage. :grin:

For anyone who desires event special heroes, any deal with good rate for gems are worthy.
Tools and Shields are IMO the hardest to get, so I can not consider lei it go away, and as a bonus I will have gems to roll at least a x10 summon next event

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Now this is a deal


In my opinion, that is a ridiculous deal which should never have been offered, and never has been again.

The outcry at the time was long and loud.


Buy one for me, I’ll give you $5 comission :joy::joy:

Enumerated in different currencies; $7.99 is the USD version, am guessing yours is something different but still uses the $ symbol.