January 2024 Balance Update - Discussion

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“We’re also tuning down the power level of Classic Family Druids’ Superior Talent”

Nerfhammer falls again, whilst buffing Goblins.


Edit: who is actually complaining about that Thorn Minion? How is it that the Thorn minion on a Melandor needs nerfing but the Mega Minion on B&F needs a buff?


Wouldnt it be great to get a more detailed explanation about why these things happen?


Yet again, ‘balancing’ is done on heroes that do not need balancing or for which there was no request on buffing, but the heroes that do require more attention and love and where balance discussions are active on the forum, are left in the cold…


Yeah, if you HAVE to affect a classic talent can it not be the cleric one? Those minions have really helped…!

Otherwise - not surprised about the uncessary buffs to Goblins and elemental heroes - par for the course now.

I am pleased with the buffs for the older HOTM, but I don’t think they go far enough, especially with the older stats. Bringing the % attack up really makes them less useless than they were before - not more servicable.

Vela’s back! I so want to be able to use her again. Love her special animation.

Morgan gets a buff, yay! But it really could do with being a bit more. Draining 772 from characters than have upwards of 2,500 isn’t going to do anything. Although it might encourage me to get her to 3/70 now…


Khagan’s 2nd costume is missing from the affected heroes list


Gunnar’s first costume is missing as well. Probably in place of Brienne’s costume (which is Cleric, not Druid)


Every single comment (almost) on the b&f topic asked for a buff.

I dont agree, i think he is great and didnt need a buff. But yeah… not sure why the superior minions were targetted. When they first came out they could be a real pain but not really now


Exactly my thought and this is not a good balance update. The superior druid nerf is too severe , now it is almost equal to normal druid.


there was no reason to nerf the superior talent …

double nerfed (reduced chance and health) with no compensation buffs… that’s uncalled for…

it wasn’t an issue especially to be nerfed this harshly

the buffs are always welcome, especially for the older heroes… more please and higher buffs the older the hero is because some of those buffs aren’t enough for some heroes (zaria, onatel, Morgan, vela, Bertila… etc)


I was here to say the same thing what you said :upside_down_face:


ah, same old same old

Sorry mod edit

I mean, Superior Druid would be deadly if they extended it to some non-S1s… but as it is, taking it away from the likes of Horghall? eh?

and of course, the usual buffs for some of the most recent releases, with a few pity buffs for the likes of Natalya

oh, and Morgan! Now I want to take her in Fated Summons!!! /sarcasm

Well, it’s a start I guess, but… eh :slight_smile:

newer heroes will generally still be

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I’ve often thought a more indepth explanation than ‘our data suggests’ would be welcomed by the community.

“Black Caesar has only been levelled by 56% of the players who were lucky enough to pull him and therefore we’d like to incentivise a higher usage rate”

“Matches where the superior druid talent fired have a 25% higher win rate for the defence team than when they don’t. Based on our testing we’ve determined that halving the summon rate and HP would bring this % down to an acceptable threshold. We will keep an eye on it and make further changes if necessary”


perfect examples of explanations I would like to hear! all we know is they look at “some” stats and metrics… but which ones?


I bet those people have B&F… that minion takes a huge amount of punishment as it is. It doesnt need to be doing more damage while it laughs at our attacks.

At least they didnt buff it so that all allies get the minion.

Probably saving that for next update :man_facepalming:

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still no buff for s2 and seasonal costume bonus, seems like they are planning s2 and seasonal 2nd costume then, otherwise it is really ridiculous when comparing their costume bonus to S3, S4 and others


Costumed Sonia was too strong so we buffed Satori, everything for our beloved players.

This could have been actually good balance update but they had to screw it anyway.

% buffs to old heroes are decent but they need buffs to raw stats much more.


I actually love this I have always hated fighting superior druids they are such a pain.