January 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Gargoyles, W3K, Covenant, Underwild, Atlantis, Ninja Tower, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Lunar New Year, M. Titan, Contest Of Elements, Tavern Of Legends, and Ch. Festival 1)

Thank you for answering!

Felt wierd, that normal Tyr would be featured and one month later his costume version, thats why I thought Odin would go in the middle :wink:

Btw, who would be the other two featured besides Odin?

Hopefully he gets buff before release, he is an Allfather, leader of gods and here, every ninja is stronger :slight_smile:


Oh god …

By realeasing one costume each time maybe we’ll get there in January 2099,



For Tyr C and Odin C, I have their respective release date but their respective portal does not feature them yet. I highly expect this to be updated in due time. It was the same with Frigg C and Thor C (the other 5* costumes from round 2 for season 3), I had only the release date at first and the portal’s featured heroes were updated a couple of weeks before. On the other hand, when they released round 1 5* costumes, they pushed the release dates and portal’s featured heroes for months ahead to cover all of them. We will see what v55 brings at the beginning of February.


Well, they have been doing that since the beginning for S3 5* costumes… (and probably for S2 5* costumes too?! Not totally sure)


I believa C. Heimdall will be giving company to C. Odin and Alfrike :slight_smile:


Damn, they did a last minute change again. Norns is featured instead of Tyr. I checked on Saturday but it was still unchanged… Didn’t expect a change to come early Monday morning. Will check later if anything else was changed (like CF1 featured heroes for example).


In the first 30 Min of the portal tyr was featured along with cFreya and old cFrigg (hit-three).
Then they swap tyr for norns


not last minute. but your prediction is correct. C freya. C frigg and Tyr. but the S3 portal lasts maybe 5 - 10 minutes. suddenly they change it to C freya , C frigg and Norn. followed by a change in skill from C frigg as well.


Yeah i saw that too, what the hell gives.

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God, another busted portal they change the featured heroes after it opens again. I opened the game about 45 minutes after the portal opened, I missed it then.
What’s going on @Petri?! It’s the third time it happens in three CONSECUTIVE portals!


In one month only…20 carachters…

Lol wth happened to Frigg? An hour ago when I pulled it was hit 3 with massive damage and attack down :\

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Maybe they like giving us compensation🤗


Reconfirming what was shared.

Opening: C Frigg, C Freya, Tyr

Changed to : Norns instead of Tyr after.

I didn’t take SS this time. Wasn’t expecting another botched portal so soon. This is the 3rd botched portal within 10 days.

But I did take SS of C Frigg before she was nerfed in live game soon after her release.

Original C Frigg
No change from beta (got me excited and started me thinking about trying some) when portal opened :

Nerfed C Frigg
When portal was “corrected” to feature Norns instead of Tyr (who has a costume in beta; thought it was odd to feature him but then it’s Zynga)

PS: this now counts as the FASTEST LIVE GAME NERF. C Frigg holds the record now. Not even an hour!!! :rofl::joy:


Not much difference between legacy Frigg and nerfed costume though :frowning:

Damage was nerfed from 100% to 90%.

DD increased from 8% to 12%.

She’s even more of a support hero now.

Damage is probably down due to higher stats

Sure looks that way.

No compensation for AR. Not that I know of.

Plenty of compensation for NT.

Let’s see what happens with VF.

I’m glad so many have seen and documented it… I know I would be wondering if I had been dreaming!

Looks like some quality control is badly needed…


Current version of Frigg is unpullable though… What are they thinking??
Her normal version is evenly matched…