January 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Gargoyles, W3K, Covenant, Underwild, Atlantis, Ninja Tower, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Lunar New Year, M. Titan, Contest Of Elements, Tavern Of Legends, and Ch. Festival 1)

Damage is probably down due to higher stats

Sure looks that way.

No compensation for AR. Not that I know of.

Plenty of compensation for NT.

Let’s see what happens with VF.

I’m glad so many have seen and documented it… I know I would be wondering if I had been dreaming!

Looks like some quality control is badly needed…


Current version of Frigg is unpullable though… What are they thinking??
Her normal version is evenly matched…

Agree. I was going to try for her with some coins later. Waiting for the cheaper coin offers. I don’t have Frigg. Tried hard. Very hard. Nada.

I didn’t mind that she went from 5x to 3x. I only needed her to hit hard and leave her DD for a follow up hitter.

Now … I don’t feel the inclination to try.

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Please flood the bug report:

This cannot continue!


Nice catch. What a bunch of amateurs. :see_no_evil:

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Nerfed Costume Frigg is not appealing. Not much difference from original version.

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Congrats to the new mighty costume Frigg! Her base damage is now the same as that of Telluria! :rofl:


Oh my YES!!! I totally forgot about that.

Is the first C frigg even that strong? Why this extreme of a change and within 1 hour, not even a balance announcement. Wtf!

I hope that they can fix it until the next Soul Exchange

Imagine if the event starts with a set of heroes and then it’s changed

Complete chaos


What’s even worse is that C Frigg base stats are weaker than original Frigg in general!

That’s the original Frigg.

That’s the nerfed C Frigg.



Quality is definitely going downhill for E&P

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Where are you frigg :thinking:

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and personally I find the costume Frigg’s design ridiculous too :stuck_out_tongue: to add insult to injury :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Too ugly she went into hiding


I’ve updated my calendars to use SGG’s recent social media promo images for Lunar New Year and Contest Of Elements as well as a typo on the QR. Also updated featured heroes for Valhalla.


i think they see how u got this info and predicted all things and they add info right before is out all new stuff but they didn’t realize time zone difference so it was late list sec changes

I think the opposite, she completely uninteresting. Attack down is less interesting than DD. But why they make a carbon copy where you have to look for differences in a microscope is beyond me…

The hit-3 would have made her more interesting I think.

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