🍻 [January 2021] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends

Unfortunately it wasn’t… :rofl:

I pulled Melendor and Jahangir … beating the odds.

I think this players who get 5* with few summon they are game admins who try to motivate us to summon
Since I am playing I never get any 5 stars with few summon, I did not get any with 100 summons too
I do not believe them anymore till not happen for myself


Well, my gf managed to pull 3 of them in 30 pulls this morning, and me nothing, so what you say is quite wrong. If I follow your statement, I can say for example that car crashes don’t exist, because I didn’t live one in my life. No. It’s simply RNG, nothing else.


I think u are one of them
I did whole event summoning and get nothing
I will believe something from now on when happen for me

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Some of us are just REALLY unlucky. People in my alliance seem to get 5* left and right, and mostly from tokens. I use tokens, use to spend a bunch( thō no more) and rarely get anything.

i think RNG cannot detect if the player is admin or not, all they can do for the admin is giving them special acct with huge gems and they summon like ordinary players but with free gems…

Or they’re just simply lucky.

I got Ares, Aeron and two Bertila in this Tavern of legends after having bought some offers the first day, (so I had 10 pulls between tokens and gems). Without a doubt, my luckiest pull ever (though Ares and Aeron need an updating).

I bought the legends’ ultimate offer last November and I didn’t get any 5* hero in the 30 pulls. :man_shrugging:t4:

There isn’t a logical sequence here. Just luck.


When I accept it is luck which I get good one with few summons not whole event summon and get nothing for ever and always

When Kingston was featured in Atlantis, I did at least 150 pulls and didn’t get a single 5*, not even S1. Sometimes RNG just likes to screw you over and nothing you can do about it. :man_shrugging:

Can’t work this game out sometimes… I beat the odds that well it gave me my 5th Azlar with Legend Coins :rofl::weary:

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Wow, sorry but that’s childish thinking.
I don’t believe in millionaires then, i never had a single million my self so no way they exist :grin:


I cracked and went in hard and pulled Grimble and Natalya… my first Grimble has been sitting at like 3/46 since I pulled him, but I’m into Natalya’s wig so she’ll prolly get some love

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So pulled 30x and got this:


Def stoked up about her, as all my 5* are either slow or Aeron whom I picked up for free coins this very tavern. Ironic now I have the fastest healer there is. But she’ll have to wait for rings.


Childish thinking is making same mistake over and over and think no it is not reality it is accident and odds because some online people say it, not even childish even stupid too
I would rather decide based on my experience not stranger thoughts

Tavern of legends v2.0 loot box unit pricing

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Here’s a mod suggesting caution with summoning. Kinda the opposite of what you’re implying.

You are saying then you never pulled a 5* from anywhere? You don’t have a single 5* paying money in the game? Because every possible portal or TC is related with odds, just like everywhere and everything in this game, and you just said it is not possible, because you haven’t been lucky enough to summon a lucky pull yourself and then there are people who got a 5* with a few pulls :thinking::thinking:

Wow, those cheaters, probably every single player in the game but apparently you. :sweat_smile:


Girrrl like come on now, don’t be accusing people of being some sort of dishonest Small Giant mole… sometimes I do a 30 pull and get nothing, sometimes I use 100 gems and get a rare 5* plus a HotM. It’s luck. And I am surely not an SG employee lol

I am very happy to have pulled my first Evelyn (and also got Aeron). The rest of the pulls were mostly 3s though with just a couple of 4s sprinkled in…