January 2021 Balance Update - Discussion

The logic makes perfect sense, if you look at it for the cash grab it is.

  1. Nerf the current batch of heroes.

  2. Come out with newer stronger heroes.

  3. Nerf the newer “accidentally” OP heroes.

  4. Repeat step 2.

  5. Repeat step 3.

  6. Rinse/repeat (as long as people keep letting them…)

I had Telly and Vela, and I have Frigg and Odin. I’m sure this is the beginning of another slow boil where they end up ruining them. I haven’t played since I got the message. I’m done.


This is an easy solution. Have SG do balance updates on a regular basis. If they did that by using the “systems data” that they claim to have, they would know which heroes to adjust. SG doesn’t do this because they’re either lazy, greedy, ignorant about how to do it, or just apathetic about it entirely. Not sure which, but something obviously isn’t clicking for them.


I have not complained about Frigg or Odin so far, but from my raids, I’d say def reduction on a fast hero was not a good idea, as this skill is very directly causing damage.
The number of tiles also seems to have been underestimated. Even though I reduce green tiles, about 5 tiles on average are still there. So about 190% dmg and -28% def reduction for a fast hero.
And then I want to snipe Frigg first, but there is an evade skill.

So yes, Frigg is very strong and should have been at -20% or less from the beginning! But these nerfs are obviously not fair to players who got a hero and spent money for it. I can understand everyone here who complains. Hard to say if the benefit for the game is worth this comparably small nerf and unhappy players.

For Odin I can’t say anything. He is not that direct, so I have more time and less problems against him.


I can barely agree with this statement. Nobody is pushing for/defending season 4. Nobody is pushing for/defending announced 5 (!) more challenge events. Nobody is pushing for/defending for the announced costumes for ALL heroes (except for SG).

I understand that this is a business. But when I started this game 1,5 half year ago it was much less ‘busy’ (however time consuming back then) with all of the various events. Now it’s becoming a half time job. With all of the announced stuff the month will be full.

It doesn’t matter whether another new Energy or coin will be implemented. It starts to look like, if you want to keep up with all the stuff coming out, you have to invest more and more time.

The game is smartly designed in a way that you can buy many things to buy time in the game. But you cannot buy your time in your real life.

So, I basically start to feel that the most important balance in the game is the game/life balance. As in work/life balance the disturbances in this ratio will lead to bad things (for SG) like burnout with the game, not commenting on the real life issues.

I am telling that on behalf of paying players - the most important for you. They will get fed up. So will F2P - if the whales will still pay, the gap between F2P an P2W will broaden because of the more opportunities to strengthen the whales you will create.

So SG, if you really want to have healthy community, hold your horses. Keep in mind the balance - you are approaching a very dangerous line, where there will be too much, especially too much too soon.


This I agree with wholeheartedly…there is just too many events to do now. I’ll be skipping ninja tower and ToL likely from now on. The grind is too much for very little reward.


Try to follow to ask SGG: How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

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Childish thinking that people will stop spending if the heros they spend for constantly get nerfed? Tons of spenders are either stopping altogether, or slowing considerably. What is the point to chasing a hero if they are going to be nerfed into the ground after they have consumed your resources.
I don’t believe it is childish thinking.


Yeah because you know better than zynga what brings them money.They should make you Zynga CEO

Never another dime. Check my account. Spending went to zero the moment I saw the nerf, and will remain there. Hope your game fails.

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If you are F2P(i do not assume you are:)) , maybe it should be like that, you cant expect that lower end teams can keep up with the mega spenders. I am C2P and after playing for many years I guess that i have a 50% win rate against frigg, bk, odin with my current heroes. Was hoping that the costumes would be possible to obtain without spending to let F2P slowly close the gap the power creep introduce.(the hero academy is way to slow to in getting old good heroes as well) However, there are no games of this type that does not have power creep, thats the core of this games design. I am more sceptical to nerfing as it imho is a good old bait and switch. You would not be ok with having you cars engine switched out with a smaller one after a few moths which seems to be the case here.

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So, in your opinion, people should just quit playing cuz if you don’t spend $1000 a month for good heroes it not worth playing.

I play this game to compete, but I’m not spending $1000 to try to keep up with the heroes that can wipeout a whole team. It is really not fair. Good boards or bad if the Ninjas, Frigg &/or Odin fire you’re dead. NO OTHER HEROES CAN DO THAT. It’s not a fair fight at all. I only raid now to fill a chest then I stop cuz I’m sick of getting my azz kicked. It’s just not fun to continually get wiped out !!!


Fully agreed! The main problem is their damage.

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The Frigg & Odin flank duo is still OP and I still have a super hard time raiding against them (esp with a Bera tank) and that’s the way it should be. It’s now a little less of a soul killer to go against them because you have a shot with a good board unlike before when you could see your team of 5* fully emblemed heroes go down after Frigg/Odin go off once. And now I don’t have to reroll 500 times to avoid them in Diamond.

Like… the game is supposed to be hard or else we’d all be bored. Little nerfs here and there say they care about balance, but making it hard to be the best is why we’re all into it.

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Nerfs are reasonable here and I am glad they don’t go to a monthly adjustment that would have us chasing a new meta every month or two. The ninjas are still OP and need a rebalance. I’d also like to see some buffs to older heros like they did for Season 3 heroes a little while back. I would love to see Marjana, for example, as a viable alternative to Gefjon. Unfortunately, S1 and S2 heroes are by and large inferior to newer heroes and from what I hear the heroes currently knocking around in Beta are only going to make it worse.

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I used to be a fairly big spender. It’s this bait and switch mentality, the game has adopted, that has caused me to go free to play. I no longer spend any money in this game. When they refuse to listen to their beta testers, release the heroes, and then nerf them after the fact, they are making money on us purchasing a hero that looks good, only to nerf it later because they didn’t do appropriate testing beforehand. This is bad business practice, and is ruining the game. I no longer spend money in this game for this reason.


As an owner of a Frigg, I can confirm that she is incredibly powerful at fast. My green raid squad of Evelyn Frigg Lianna Caedmon/Hansel Heimdall is amazing now.

I cannot argue that Frigg is anything but OP. Not convinced that Odin is that powerful but still fast AOE’s shouldn’t have that amount of damage potential

However I am not arguing that there should be no nerf

My issue is really with the developers, I feel after the several times they went through this process with Velluria they shouldn’t have issued these heroes the way they are.

But they learned something from that time: they learned how much money you can make if you cynically issue clearly OP heroes, sell lots of them, then once they affect balance, nerf them. Good job


I think they do know those OP heroes will affect game balance, otherwise Telly and Vela nerfing issue is not happen. They seems trying to repeat OP hero stragery to boost income, then “balancing” again once get enough player’s complaints IMHO.


example: i buy a car 300hp automatic … i pay 100.000 euro to buy this car … when you give me the key you say: “so sorry! this car is very good … we made it 200hp and manual … but the money is the same” … nonsense !! why your beta test I suffer for your mistakes?? and ninjas are too normal … aren’t they too strong? why don’t they have nerfs for them … or if nerf comes to them, will you pay back the ninja masters? nobody will be able to safely look at the heroes they have … because it can be nerf at any moment… I think it’s unfair


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