January 2021 Balance Update - Discussion

Please share your thoughts on the upcoming balance changes here!



‘I want my money and materials back!’ replies coming in in 3, 2, 1…

Ontopic: I think this is a decent acceptable change. Heroes are still very good and we now have some more control on the damage we receive, while prior we almost always took a maximum hit despite trying to reduce the green and yellow tiles.

No they are not trash now they are still very good heroes in my opinion.


1%? really? thats all? i wish you guys did the same with Telluria and Vela. Why did you guys nerf Telly and Vela to the ground while you changed 1% on a way more broken hero combination? Its either adjust Frigg and Odin more or buff Telly and Vela back to at least to their stage after the first nerf.


Highly dissapointing, they arent OP as building the right team or good board play can neuter them easily…


max damage for both is still unchanged (8 tiles)

only the secondary part was changed on both (3 more tiles for maximum effect)

odin from 7 tiles to 10
frigg from 9 tiles to 12

looks reasonable (i don’t think they needed a nerf in the first place)

i would have preferred to see other heros get buffed instead



Thank you for this. However, the nerf is so miniscule that it is almost negligible.


Its a MASSIVE nerf! Way too significant to heroes that just don’t need nerfing and I don’t have Odin


It’s a small nerf, I agree. But I prefer they start small and gradually nerf further if needed, rather than nerf too hard and going a bit too far.

It’s a good start!


Booooooo. Don’t :clap:t2: use :clap:t2: the :clap:t2: live :clap:t2: game :clap:t2: as :clap:t2: your :clap:t2: beta :clap:t2: testing :clap:t2:

Get it dialed before release and then leave it alone!


I’m pretty sure buffs to some older heroes would also be necessary for the health of the game.


This is just the beginning…


…I would like to issue a warning. If Frigg and Odin are too much, they’d better hit the brakes on the massive power creep coming in beta. There are… What, 8 or so heroes in there that will need the same treatment? Making one mistake with Telluria is understandable. Two small ones here, well, not too big a deal in my book. But there’s a whole tide of them coming. I’m sure SG knows it, and I doubt they care much.

I think it’s a good thing when the game recognizes these unbalanced heroes and gets their hands dirty to fix it. But beta heroes (Dr. Moreau, all the League of Villains base stats) tell me that they haven’t learned their lesson. That changes this post-release balancing from somewhat admirable to dangerous in my opinion.


Reasonable changes, good stuff.


I am torn. I dunno if I am going to agree with that or not. It’s like a choice between small consecutive nerfs or one big final one. We already saw what happened to Telluria and Vela. It was done twice in a span of just a few months and every reduction was significant. Are we going to expect some more minor nerfings of those two, let’s say, 5 more times just for them to get it balanced.

What I can say is, developers should listen to the beta testers. They need to finetune the heroes before releasing it in the live game to avoid creating fans and haters out of them. And instead of nerfing heroes, they should buff all those old ones for them to keep up with the current strong ones recently released, even for just a bit.


I agree, I would prefer them just hitting the nail on the head and nerf them only once and have these heroes balanced, but I have the feeling SG is not able to do that, hence what happened with Telluria and Vela. They couldn’t find that sweet spot untill after consecutive nerfs.

If it has to be that way, then I prefer these slight nerfs over a big overnerf, but I agree that 1 correct nerf would be preferred…


Disagree the hero’s are fine the way they are. Learn to build teams that beat the synergy instead of asking for nerfs.


Don’t have either hero, but this is the reason I stopped spending money like I used to. Get the hero right the first time and stop fukin with them after people have spent gems trying to get them.


You definetely need to stop nerfing heros after they go life!!!

I didnt say anything during the Tellu and Vela discussion but t is time to step up!

Stop that nerfing of heros or people will stop spending. @mhalttu this should be discussed with your business peeps - I definetly cut my spending by a lot since the nerf of Tellu and Vela, i will decrease futher if you nerf Odin, Frigg or any other hero which was released.

Whenever I check my heroes I am so mad, that i ascended 2 Tellus, which are not usabe at all anymore. I am sooo close to simply quit because of your malpractice.

Dont listen to all the crying people - make it a good practice - once a hero is released you can only refine balance by buffing others - not nerfing good heroes!


Absolutely agree.

It always sounds better buffing someone than nerfing.


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