🔵 [Jan 8, 2020] Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Team last time

This time I replaced Skittles with Sartana.

Lost Sartana due to not paying attention (she’s still young at 4-13), still very easy to subdue these bosses with 2 Proteus.

Trainer goes to Sartana, saving wizard emblems, sorcerer emblems take Sabina to +18.


The teams are almost the same, only Kiril and Proteus switched the amount of emblems and Sartana got her first node :smiley: No problem at all, but it’s no real fun to go 3 purple against 2 purple bosses, but Skittles (3/60) is still no option…
Proteus is king here, but Quintus always casted his talent skill against my poor Lord Fishface :frowning:

Team last time:

Team this time:

Trainer goes to 2nd Sabina.

Emblems…same question as every time. Too many good wizards, not enough good sorcerers in my roster. I think I’ll emblem Proteus up. And sorcerer…maybe Sabina. Or stock them for Ursena, she’ll be my next 5* project in purple after 2nd Sabina.


No items, no cast, no prob… :wink:

Gaffar trained, emblems saved.


Same Team as last time, some emblems more, maybe. Kiril+7, Guinevere+4, Sabina+15, Proteus 4/69, Skittleskull+7
Finished the bosses mainly with feeding Mana-Potion to Proteus keeping them quiet, while having enough healers with me to heal the normal damage. Used some dragon storm, I love the DoT. Used also 1 hour glass. I probably did a mistake, not keeping any emblems for Proteus, who soon will be maxed. Mulling over it to maybe use a red coin to set back one of the heroes, but I also love Sabina now at +16 and Kiril at +8 for Tournaments and Challenges. 3* trainer went to Grimble, now at 1/15.


Changed it up this time, Proteus took the bench and I went Sartana (replacing Proteus), Kash (felt bad for the poor bench warmer, plus he fit right in this one), Mitsuko, Hel, Kiril.

Went extremely smoothly, even the boss rounds. Mitsuko did her job, I let Ulmer fire to teach him a lesson. Used 3 medium Mana for Hel and Sartana did her thing.
I believe the trainer went to Ursena but she’s been eating almost anything alive so it’s hard to tell.
No reset token…as IF…


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change, only Anzogh is +3 now.

The Battle

All mana charged, good start, no items used so far.

3 healers and Proteus Merlin is so easy, 5 minor mana and 2 mana used for Proteus.
Merlin and Proteus died, but that was almost all boss has little HP and I’m not pay attention.


Emblem Wizard stock for a while, and Soccerer keep for Ursena later.
Trainer goes to Gafar.


This is going to be interesting, mainly due to Teltoc showing up on the heels of this trial, and I got an elemental chest… but it’s Ice.

Of course Recruits 2 also shows up. Need to finish the ice chest first.

Edit: Got the ice chest done, then the trial. Time for bed.


Only 10 minor mana allowed, you did better than you thought!


Oops, okay… edited… thanks… yup I thought I was used 15 minor mana… :man_facepalming:


This is my strongest Trial team-wise, because 4 of my 7 maxed 5-stars are Wizards (which admittedly doesn’t make embleming much fun).

My team: Anzogh+2, Onatel+3, Sartana+2, Isarnia, Sabina+19.

I probably could have gotten away without using any materials, but ran into some bad luck in the boss battle and used 2 mana potions on Sabina, to heal the team.


Same team as last time, though this time I remembered to bring mana pots :grinning:
Trainer for Sartana. Holding emblems while I get some iron. Proteus keeps everyone from firing


Same team

Good boards, good start

Nearly had em licked, no tiles poped a revive

Kiril was charged, Isarnia too, pew pew

Trainer for the fire king, Azlar


I swapped out Sartana for Icewitch.

  • On the bench: Natalya 3.70, Ameonna, C Cat, Sartana, Gandalf, Onatel 2 3.70, Proteus 2, Merlin
  • Up and coming: Victor 2.21

Got there with everyone ready. I forgot my usual strat of leaving Ulmer free to cast so he can suicide on Mitsuko’s buff, but it didn’t matter. Isarnia’s def down was great for this fight. I did lose Proteus early. I dropped enough tiles on Ulmer that he went off and fell to the reflect.

It didn’t take much to drop the remaining two.

Trainer to Victor, emblems to Onatel and Mitsuko.


Carpet bombing for me. I was able to save a couple dragons since I did really well (i.e. was very lucky) on the monster waves.


Saving everything for now.


Since I finished all Teltoc, I did the final stage for this and only lost Ulmer (no surprises there).


My team this time:

  • Onatel +3
  • Sabina + 20
  • Kiril +20
  • Ameonna +10
  • Skittleskull 4^70

Compared to last time, Onatel is up one talent, and Ameonna is back in for Sartana 3^70. Ameonna was maxed since last time, and I began giving her sorcerer emblems along the attack path, so she’s back to being ahead of Sartana in power.

Mob waves were no problem. Fired Kiril a couple of times to boost attack, and that little bit of heal meant I didn’t fire Sabina at all until the boss wave. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. This one was a slow slog, but it was never really in doubt. With Onatel controlling mana the whole fight, Ulmer fired twice, Balthazar twice or three times (with his attack blunted and Kiril’s defense buff, it hardly matters), and Quintus once. Skittles had her attack debuff up nearly the whole fight, which is basically the reason I keep her around at this point. I planned to use Kiril to flip Ulmer’s debuff, but my timing was really awful, so I had a few turns of defense down that had a couple of my heroes in critical health, necessitating a few healing potions. Once Ulmer went down, it was over. Nobody died, and no offensive items were used.

Ameonna grabbed a talent on the earlier stages to go to +10, so I need a few more sorcerer emblems for her. Onatel’s wizard nodes are crazy expensive, so no movement there either. Trainer hero goes to Cyprian who, at 4^54, may be getting his first extensive action during Guardians this weekend.


No ETT so you can save your WE if you want. You may get more recruits per WE from auto-farming Epic stage 3 in the Challenge (and potentially get some chests/coins).

Way to get it done with mostly 3* @Benn :muscle: :fist:

My team (& options):

Sabina out, Proteus in. This is my first attempt with my new Proteus and WOW, you SOBs with Proteus have had it so good for so long! I was able to keep his special up the whole time without mana pots and it was literally a walk in the park.

It started with a good board and you can just make it rain tiles when that special is up. I feel like a new person.

Of course the fish is getting all the emblems now.



My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

Every time I see the nuking option it makes me think of the movie Independence Day when the president says nuke em, let’s nuke the bast—-. So I nuked the bosses (just following orders :joy:). Both Ameonna and Proteus got to +20 as a result of my victories and now I have to decide who gets these emblems going forward.


My 2nd favourite trials. No items used.

Emblems to Hel and Quintus. Trainer to my very long-awaited Falcon.


This game seem to have the tendency of getting you opportunities (via quests) that will vie for your WE consumption all around event times. I had just had to finish a Nature Chest (in the monster chest spot) a few hours before the Trial and new Teltoc hit. So I was able to do the first two levels of Mysticism with what remaining WE I had, then quaffed a WE Flask, to get started on the last stage of Trials.

Quintus 4^80
Sabina 4^70 +20
Kashhrek 4^70
Kiril 4^70
Isarnia 4^80 +9

As you can see the only real hitters are going to be Quintus and Isarnia and supported by healers. Lack of Yellow heroes means that opposing Quintus/Balthazar will just have to go down on weak purple/neutral hits, supplemented by Isarnia’s defense down, and Quintus’s AOE. When Trials of Mysticism first came around, none of the heroes above were near complete. Now things are a bit different and I find that I can often do without having to use Time Stops (I still brought with me just in case the boards don’t cooperate, but didn’t have to use them).

So Teltoc started, did some stages on rare before going to sleep. Start of Teltoc gave me the WE Flask to reimburse the one I had spent… We are even for now, SGG. But I still hate how frequently Hershey Tokens (Silver Tokens) are found inside Elemental Chests.