🔵 [Jan 5, 2020] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Same team

Forgot pic to start, but got the dwarf first, tiles where beter on his side

Then the tiles never came, droped some bombs on the big boy and slowly got the little dragon

Working on second Elk


Changed team slightly, took in Boril at 1/22 for Belith+20. Rest was Rigard+19, Horghall+4, Melendor+2, Grazul4/38. I had to revive Boril 2 times and used some dragon storm, bombs to finish of the bosses. Boril’s counter attack helped a lot such as having 3 healers. Emblems will be saved to max Rigard to +20 and maybe for Melendor or Horghall. 3* green Trainer went to Elkanen - one of my new projects.


Same team as the last time.

At the boss wave, I ensured some diamonds were ready, while all heroes were charged safe Zim and Alby who had been fired early to take advantage of his mana boost and HoT and the former for attack boost.

The board was decent all through, Kún heals cleanses team and debuffs Vivic’s def buffs. Boss Horghall committed suicide as expected on my team’s Boril, hence exited early,
Again the synergy within my team made it another victory without the need to use items.

The trainer will go to Hansel, now that Buddy is maxed. Saving all emblems for now.


Oh wow I managed to do stage 3 rather easily.
I started with 20 minor health, 5 axe, 4 Dragon attacks and 3 bombs.


MN replaced Vivica but I still had to use items as Vivica kept healing while I didn’t have enough firepower.

New emblems will go to MN, trainer hero went to Buddy.


Same team as last time and I may never change it, since why fix what ain’t broken. Dump tiles into Boril and let him fire, then dispel or steal. Fire on Viv, use Hansel on Viv and/or Horghall as needed.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

After 2 stage with Gafar in and Caedmon out, I’m thinking it is too heavy healer without power, so I changed Melendor to Caedmon (still need one dispeller at least).
Hansel emblem from +3 to +14.

The Battle

At boss step, All mana-charged and ready to fire, good board, no used items so far good start.

Used x1 mana for caedmon to dispell boril, and 1x bear banner to flip Horghall att debuff.
Last boss Boril finished by Gafar special.

The Reward

Emblem Druid keep for Alby, Cleric not decide yet either continue Hansel or Rigard.
Trainer goes to Kingston.


My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

Small improvements and a reorder of my team but the same effectiveness. Might not change the team henceforth. Having an emblem maxed Melendor and emblem maxed Boril will push me to give the emblems elsewhere. Hoarding them and the trainer heroes for now.


Every time struggling with this trial because I have a huge leck of firepower.

Like you can see I am able to heal a small city with my portable hospital but stick like a butterfly.

But with the E&P little helpers bombs, axes and mana managed it the first time. :boom:

Trainee hero: Kadilen
Emblems: Do not know. Have no druids and I am extremely uncertain about the other ones.
Maybe somebody has any advices?
I would be glad.


Went with a new team. Agwe at 3/60 died in two shots everytime but luckily rezzed in the last round to speed up taking out viv. Used no items switched albi in for vic this time and ran boss wolf as tank 3/70 instead of boril. The mana down literary made the match a breeze


Congrats on finishing! Caedmon is definitely a Druid worth investing in (I have two maxed) once you get him. He gets very strong with emblems and is helpful in this Trial (maybe replace Mel with him for more firepower).

My team:

Now that Boril and Tree Man are gone, just gotta buckle up and grind it out:

Broke with ham and iron so the emblems go to the Parking Lot for a while :grin:


Hoping to get hatter some day


Did the first 2 took this

Emblems for Ariel once finshed Druid in storage for the time being.


Last time:

This time. I’d specifically levelled Gafar for this. Time for him to shine!

So status update. Gafar only lasts for 2 turns and is kinda squiffy with Ranvir. Oops.

But seeing Vivica heal that big, fat 0 is oddly satisfying.

Not sure if I should keep going with Vivica on cleric emblems or just switch to Gafar. He was kinda underwhelming for his big debut.

Ty again zephyr for this. I used a bunch of those links to find my first time I’d posted. Things have changed since I brought a 3/60 Boril to the field, lol…


I don’t have Boril, and often this event is a bit of a challenge due to being “healer” heavy for me.

I took in my team with a single time stop, axes, mana and antidote but the cascades are definitely what helped this time and Grazul being highly leveled.


I used Caedmon 4-70+4 / Ariel 4-80+3 / Horghall 4-80+1 / Boril 4-70+3 /Melendor 4-70+18

Same team as previous. Prior to last time I was using Rigard instead of Ariel.

I used bombs and arrows to soften up the last bosses. Boril first, then Horghall, then Vivica (actually trying to take out Vivica second but Horghall was more cooperative). Kept Boril’s counterattack up and they helped kill themselves. I would like having a but more direct firepower on my team but, you know, use what you have.


This one’s so tough because all I have are healers/non-damage dealers…

My team was agwe 3/60, gedeirus, boril+13, melendor+19, elkanen 2/60. Took 3 time stops to stop vivica from healing, 5 arrow attacks (saving the better dmg ones for challenge event) and some small heal pots to keep agwe alive mostly because I do almost no dmg and every little bit counts lol


Continuing the discussion from :large_blue_circle: [Jan 5, 2020] Trials of Fortitude Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!:

Thank you for your congratulations and your advice. I have Caedmon in my roster but, honestly, never thought about him…:see_no_evil: till I read a post from @IvyTheTerrible. Sorry, I do not know how to insert a link. It‘s about his retirement and how good and valuable Caedmon is. And now you told me and remind me at him(post&Caedmon). It‘s a shame not thinking about something nearby. Stand in the forest but do not see the trees…:see_no_evil: What would you do? Stop leveling Kadilen? Or is it the best way to create a „own“ topic with all, a lot, my questions?(Never done it and, sorry, do not want to disturb anybody…)
I really do not know…

Do not want to repeat myself but: Thank you, Jaws.
And sorry for this:



Same team as last time, with more emblems on Ma North.

  • On the bench: Ariel, Viv, Rigs, Gad, Mel, Gafar, Caed, Boril, Hansel, Agwe, 3.70 Elk, 3.70 Alb, 3.70 Grazul (plz send tonics and rings)
  • Up and coming: Sonya 2 4.14 (I never thought I would level a second one)

Showed up for the fight with everyone ready except Ma North, and a pair of diamonds. I then proceeded to slowly grind it out. Horghall died in a huge cascade of mostly blue tiles, that in turn killed Lepus and Viking Sonya. I then ended up in an annoying holding pattern of heroes with low health unable to fire because of the counter-attack, and then they would get sniped anyway by regular attacks. Ma North basically turned it into a game of whack-a-mole. After several more turns of grinding, I finally dropped Boril. By the end, Ma had everyone back up.

The only ones who didn’t die were Ma North and Zimkitha. Next time I will bring Ariel instead of Viking Sonya. I didn’t use any items, though I am sure it would have been faster had I used some.

Trainer to… Shrubbear (don’t judge). Emblems to Ma North and the pile of Druid emblems in case I pull Vela.


Nearly same team as last time, swapped out Boril for Grazul, seemed to make things easier.

With dispel, cleanse and Grazul’s protection, things were much more manageable.

Trainer goes to Kingston, emblems being saved for now.


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