🏴‍☠ [Jan 2021] Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Here we are again with another challenge event!

Have hope C2P and F2P players without stacked rosters and let’s talk about what ridiculous team did your old buddy DDTDuchess use for Legendary this time:


Left to Right:

Sheep: Maxed, 18 Emblems, Emblem Priority—Defense, Health, Attack

Wu Kong: 4-12 (Working on him)

C. Kashkrek: Maxed, Twenty Emblems, Emblem Priority—Defense, Health, Attack

C. Brienne: Maxed, Twenty Emblems, Emblem Priority—Defense, Health, Attack

Mist: Maxed, 18 Emblems, Emblem Priority—Defense, Health, Attack

I got through this one with some serious damage spam needed for the last round. I used five Time Stops, five bombs, five arrows and five dragon attacks.

The biggest problem is Lady Locke with her absurd DoT numbers. There are many ways to deal with this:

1.) Ghost tiles for 2x health before entering boss. (What I did)

2.) Cleansers, preferably with mana potions.

3.) Mana Control (I did this partially with Mist)

4.) Mana Potions and Lots of Healers

5.) Healing Potions (Maybe…but you’d probably run out unless you do this and one of the above things)

Anyway, I have a maxed Captain Kestrel that I didn’t use as well as other combinations of heroes that would probably be better. I just wanted to play it as if I didn’t have any though.

Need advice? Post your roster and myself (and other players who are actually GOOD—I’m just okay) are here to help! I love the challenges!


Same as above.


Shrubbear: Maxed, Twenty Emblems, Priority Defense, Health, Attack*

Kvasir: Maxed, Twenty Emblems, Priority Defense, Health, Attack

C. Brienne: Maxed, Twenty Emblems, Priority Defense, Health, Attack

Kvasir: Maxed, Twenty Emblems, Priority Defense, Health, Attack

Grevle: Maxed, Seventeen Emblems, Priority Defense, Health Attack**

*Actually, I could have maybe used Shrubbear for Epic, but I did Epic first and didn’t think of it.

**Grevle basically does what C. Kashkrek was for on my other teams.

WU KONG TIP: Wu Kong apparently can cause C. Brienne to miss with her special. I thought that was weird because it is not an attacking special. I had one fight trying to figure out why my tiles weren’t doing to one of the purple guys what I thought they should be doing and…you guessed it…Wu was active and Brienne missed. Simple solution for me was wait for Wu to wear off before going to boss I don’t want Mist to miss anyway.

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Oh, and I pulled a Peters with one of the three free draws I had from PoV Challenge coins. I have to max another Kashkrek (to get a second maxed C. Kashkrek) and then I’ll work on him after that.

Pulled 14 times.

Screenshot_20210114-231104_Empires \

Probably my least desired hero barring MT whom I have already but still nice and he got buffed, so he’ll get his use, especially with that heal block that is annoying. But main prize is:

This beautiful green lady. And I have tonics for her … :heart:


Congrats! I’m not spending for her specifically, but I certainly wouldn’t mind getting her. I would drop a few gems in this one, but I already have Captain Kestrel.

I thought it’d be a bit easier to try reaching the top but definitely not. I’ve tried hard but it is enough.

I finished the event and the game played with my heart so badly:

The colour blue came up and 5 stars… FINLEY!? NOOOOOO!!! It was Thorne. :broken_heart::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sweat_smile:
Well, now that I got him, the only one who’s missing form the S1 is Joon.


Had one of my best 10-pulls ever…landed Kestrel and Finley.


Did a couple coin summons, and amongst fodder, i drew two boomers… might as well stop for this event whilst I’m ahead :joy:


Save some for the rest of us!! Sheesh man

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10 coins for my 10,000th Belith. Seems about right :laughing:

Better luck to everyone else! :crossed_fingers:


EDIT: I thought Lady Locke’s DoT stopped when she died … it does not. That was unfortunate. She is great, I would be thrilled if she popped out on my two more pills before the end.


So today I said to myself “I will buy ONE offer and do 2x Pulls, if both are a 3* I will not buy the other 2 offers”… I got Caedmon and Kelille, so I bought the other 2 offers… Which gave me Sabina, 2x Tyrum, and Azar… hahaha All 6 fed to my Zulag


Completed all stages but no fancy score, much like the summons. I’ll try again in 5 months…


1st gray token, 2* troop. 2nd gray token, 1* troop. 3rd gray token, 2* hero. 4th gray token, 2* troop. Not really ideal for Censure’s Method, but what the heck… first 10 challenge coins, Boomer (not a good hero, but it is a good sign for Censure, I dunno). Second 10 challenge coins, Azar (eh? Getting bad…). Third 10 challenge coins, there she goes. My second legendary pirate:


Now I am in a dilemma. Currently leveling MN to max, still in 3rd tier of ascension. Planned to ascend my 3/70 Ratatosk since he pairs well with my maxed Greg against titans. I will have 6 tonics left, originally intended for either Frigg or costumed Kadilen. And now this. Locke. Best for me to lock her first before i accidentally feed her to other heroes. Lol


for now i’m loving this event. Kvasir, Grevle (featuring c.Brienne), Gullinbursti (featuring Wilbur) and Mist are laughing so hard on every level. S3 heroes really made this game easier and funnier.
Too bad there’s the portal to bring you down to earth: two pulls, Bane and forgot who was the other 3*vanilla feeder. Third pull came in Vodnik. Is he worth it? Seems he could be some hard hitter.


Completed the event using the same team from start to finish in Legendary

Only using bombs on the last level to speed up the match.

Also the rewards gave me what I was short for a free summons and on that single pull I got Finley… I didn’t have him so all is good, I have the mats to bring him up so he will be able to start battling within a week.


100% worth it, you won’t go wrong using him as he can take some hits.


Finish legendary with this team. I was thinking taking Gullinbursti but I chose for Heimdall. He’s a tough guy and his overheal is ridiculous. Double Jackal for multiple elemental downs.


I just finished rare with this team:

I have been focused on 4’s, 5’s, and their costumes that my 3’s are neglected. Once AI circle back and get some of the new one leveled, and old ones costumes, These challenges should be a real breeze.

On to epic! I am switching to yellow for that I think.

Good luck out there!



Finished the Legendary and pulled with the coins. Saw that it was Boril but then…

Only my 2nd 5* Green and I don’t mind slow heroes, so pretty ecstatic :heart_eyes:


Vodnik is good against bosses in Events and in 3* tournaments. His damage increases based on the mana of the opponent and he’s fast so can really hurt a fully charged boss/hero.


I can clear legendary with my eyes closed. Epic has been a huge problem as I can’t use proteus

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