[Jan 20, 2019] Trials of fortitude teams

Theyre all constantly under fire to get grown. No matter the time or level.

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My best team is fire heroes if that helps. Haha

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That’s awesome :rofl:

So you’re saying your roaster is actually pretty decent?

Not really. Compared to those others ive seen. Just levelled 4* to where i saw fit. Im not strong as others by any means. But its enought to complete quests uk?

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Sounds like you blew through the challenge, so you’re clearly doing alright.

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I used Boril, Melendor, Caedmon, Rigard and hawkmoon lol. Yeah it was super slow, not a lot of fire power but I made it through first try. Just level the core 4* heroes and you’re fine. I’ve been saying for months, spend your resources on 4* heroes instead of 5* heroes. You need a deep roster to play this game. Too many players pull a Gravemaker or something and all their attention goes to that hero leaving the rest of their bench undeveloped. Ok your defense team is slick but how do you perform when attacking? Gotta build your bench up.


I was able to complete the quests without much trouble. Using Vivica at 3/70. Gafar, Rigard, Melendor, Caedmon. I used 4x dragon attack and a handful of mana potion against the final bosses.

I was happy to find a good use for Horghall and Gafer. They don’t get out much!

I literally had no reds, just purples and greens with a total power of 3385 and I did just fine. Battle items too, of course!

Thank you SG for making this a challence! The last one was a cakewalk. This is more like it.

I was not able to pass the last trial.

So that means I keep leveling and try again next time.

It’s a game. I’m still okay. :grin:


Maybe you should read the thread to understand how wrong you are. :wink:

I spend next to nothing and had to go in with Kalani, Belith, Melia, Caedmon, and a 4/22 Rigard and, although items were required, beat it with no trouble at all despite having just one actual hitter. Think I used 5 bombs, 4 dragons, and 2 time stops but I can make them all for free so…personally I think the goofy match ups make it interesting. Considering I’m super c2p, I plan on needing some items at some point (for events/challenges etc) so I always keep some ready to go. If you’ve been playing awhile, your base is built enough to produce whatever you need and your roster should be pretty diverse. Idk, I’m good with it.

Like any other event, there needs to be some thought and planning to complete it. I tried the final level once, failed, waited for the WE to reset and then went again. My team had 2 3*, and 3 4* (one not fully levelled). As @Mojo1 says you can do it with a diverse team and a bit of thought. It will also get easier when the trial reruns and you’ve had experience in beating it before…

I think it is a good thing that there is something fun/challenging that people can’t just blaze their way through as it makes the game far more interesting for me, given that a lot of it is auto-run farming for me.

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@Kerridoc there are a couple new posts that came in after your split :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Zephyr1, yeah I think it got moved right as I hit the button.

How do you keep up the production as ftp if you carpet bomb through the difficult stages. ?

I decided to not do level 3 because I need my mats to finish legendary challenge events and occasionally for atlantis difficult.

I’m not sure I know what you mean by “keep up production as f2p” but between all the chests, titans and raids, not to mention all my farms and mines are at either 19 or 20, I have no problems with resources at all. I usually run 2 tcs at 20 and 2 at 11 until I save up 300-500 packs, then switch an 11 to level 2 training. I’m never out of anything. Close, at times, especially after ascending a couple 4s and a 5 within two days but never out. Plus when I have a surplus, I make more stuff.

I’d like to add that depending on who you have and their level, you don’t need to “carpet bomb” much at all, but when you do, you’ve got it. I had to in the Santa challenge once and on this trial-once.

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I used maxed alby, hansel, caed, 3-70 zim and 3-60 Boril. I ended up using a few time stops on the last level.

Depends which you value more then. I find the challenge event rewards worthless and won’t bother completing most of them. Rare quests > class quests > challenge events.