[Jan 20, 2019] Trials of fortitude teams

Woops either Obakan vomited her out or I misremembered lol


I told you she’d come back to get you!

Now the greed of SG is getting ridiculous. Literally taking the urine.
The challenging level is impossible for 95% of players.

2 healers, one of which casts counterstrike, against 3* heroes, of a type that most have no offensive magic abilities?! Even if you had 5 healers or 5 strong attackers, there is no chance you are going to complete the challenging level without having to pay gems to revive your team at least once with the limitations that have been put in place!
SM is just ripping us off of money in the form of the gems and any materials that we have built up over time,what a joke. Only those that spend a lot of money on this will be able to ‘afford’ to complete this, so as usual, the high payers get special treatment while everyone else gets their pockets emptied.

I used this team. Used a few minor health potions thats it. Upgrade and expand your hero base.
If you dont feel confident in your team, dont try it.

The team I used is in the above link. Did not think I stood a chance. Was very pleasanlty surprised.

Give it a shot. You never know.


@Ahdvd Trials of Fortitude is certainly challenging — largely because many players may have an abundance of healers and few hitters in the Clerics and Druids classes — but it’s certainly doable.

You may find these resources helpful:

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Each quest will be more challenging for some players than it is for others, because we all have different rosters of heroes and different playing styles and strategies.

I breezed through this one, no issues at all…but the last trial quest I struggled and needed two attempts on the last level.

I expect the upcoming quests will be no different…some easier than others.

You guys are ruining the stated 5% success rate metrics!! Shame. Shame. Shame.

I quite like these new challenges that force me to play different combinations rather than stick to my same 5-10 heroes.


Last quest was a breeze. This was about an 8 min battle. Its the teams allowed. I made due with that i could. You need to expand your base to compete. Dont bring in 3* half levels heroes to try n win a 4k tp challenge.

Took me around 30 mins. Caed fully leveled (the only shooter), Rigard fully levelled, Melendor 3/60, Brienne 3/40 and Kailani 3/20. Was a grind but doable.

Edit***** Btw… I’m VC2P. I have VIP and bought one of the really good, cheap deals at Christmas


Dang, that’s some persistence. Must have felt good to down that last enemy. Grats on the win.


Don’t give up buddy. You don’t need to be Pay (money) To Win to succeed.

Rather you need to Pay Time to succeed.

Many of us Free To Play have put in the hard slog for well over a year and are now good enough to build our own timestops, dragon attacks etc and we’ve gathered a decent enough roster to be semi competitive.

With perseverance anyone can do it too.

The last class quest was quite hard for me and I needed items to finish it, but I enjoyed it. I can’t imagine that it will be smooth sailing for me for other quests but we will have to see.

Best of luck, feel free to ask this forum for long term strategies



Try to use 5x of each arrow, axe, bomb, and dragon attack. You can also try Brienne’s skill to boost your attack.

Thank you. It did feel dang good. Was up there with the first Legendary Challenge event that I was able to complete.

Although now a little upset with myself for not trying the last class quest on challenging. I assumed (most likely incorrectly) That I would not be able to finish it without tons of WE and/or items. Live and learn haha.

Brienne was key. Took small healing, time stops (used all of those up) dragon banner (used 2) and miracle scroll (just in case… Didn’t need it)

You wouldnt need much items if youd take the time to get new heroes and level them up. This is a new feature.

Lol… That was my point… Guess I worded it poorly…

Nothing was put to you bud. Only the OP. I remember having 2 4* from coins thinking i was cool. Its a time based game. If you spend, you get the heroes, but not the mats to bring em up

Oh… Sorry my bad…lol

Youre good bro! My roaster isnt amazing, but its what i prepared for.

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