[Jan 20, 2019] Trials of fortitude teams

… More like trials of Healers?!

Lol how am I going to wing this


No kidding. My only hitter is Caedmon. Have Zim but she isn’t leveled… at all.


Yup, this might be the worst trial for my roster. I am playing it with Kadilen (1-9) - Belith (3-36) - Caedmon (3-60) - Gadeirus (1-16)- Guardian Owl (1-1). Out of 64 heroes, and 15 of them leveled up decently, that’s all I have for druid/clerics. I managed to beat the first stage, but not sure if I am going to attempt the second.

Besides, why should I bother if I don’t have the heroes to use the emblems on :sunglasses:

Anyone knows, what class is the Kunchen going to be?

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If you have a decent rooster color staking is the key , and some bombs, Ex me :Melendor/Hansel/Caedemon/Alby/Zimmy, not a usualy fast charge and clear but it got the job done


This was my team, I spent like a good 15 minutes in the last stage

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You chose that path , could v used some bombs/axes to make your life eazy😅

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Beat the final bosses without using a tile. 4 x arrows, 5 x axes, 5 x bombs, 4 x dragon. Dead.


When I went to create a team for the first stage I realized the only available fully leveled heroes I had were Rigard and Melendor :grin: I put on Brienne, baby Vivica and Kaliani and was able to complete it but I don’t even bother with the remaining two stages.

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I had Alby, Caedmon, Boril, Melendor and Rigard. Took a while but beat the last stage.

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Used Zimkitty, Boril, Elkanon, Boss Wolf then Vivica…….most of the battles all my heroes were using counter-attack thanks to Boril & B. Wolf, which made the last stage take a while, but not too difficult.

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Yup well I did and finished on my first attempt, just spending few minor mana and health pots. Can’t say it was easy but stacking works miracles.

Kunchen better be a Cleric or it was all for nothing :joy:

I love these quests that they make me play heroes that otherwise I do not use even for wars. Great fun.


I had an easy time with the first two stages. The last stage I had to nuke with items, because it was going in endless circles.

You can probably see why:

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Vivica 3-40, Hansel 4-70, Zimkitha 4-64, Rigard 4-70 and Caedmon 4-70 did the job.

I used 5 blue flasks, 5 big red, 2 bombs and 5 axes… And i was left with Hansel at 180… after 10 minutes. pffft.

Not too much big hitters here. BTW Hansel is now on tier2 :smiley:

We need a cleric 5* Hard Hitter :smiley:

I gave up the idea of trying the last level on this one. The only fire I can bring is hawkmoon. Some of the non healing heroes I can bring still arent hitters (ex. Kailani, Boril) I have Gandalf leveled but not Caed because it took me forever to get him ugh

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If you really want to beat it, just use items. As long as you survive to the last stage, you can win with only 3* heroes.

If you’re curious which heroes are permitted in total: Clerics & Druids

Basically, the issue is that all clerics are healers, whereas the druids… well, the only druids that are Season 1 are Belith, Brienne, Caedmon, Melendor, and Kadilen. That’s it. Just three above 3*. All of the rest of them are either Seasonal, HotM, or Season 2.

This is going to happen with many Class Quests. Wizards are short, Sorcerers are short, Rogues too. Basically, unless you’ve spent a lot of gems on Season 2, Seasonal, and Event summons, you’re going to be short on quality heroes.

Of course… gotta level them up for them to be useful, too. The bar has been raised, folks. o7


Yes, but is it worth it? At a rate of two quests per week this kind of carpet bombing will deplete your resources soon…

It’s done with the team below:

Boril 3x60 and Kadilen 3x70, others are maxed.

I wasn’t thinking to level Cyprian but I will have to for some other quest. It could be useful like Boril in this one.

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All healers and Boril allowed for class quest
Does anybody else have any other ridiculous teams


Mine wasn’t far off from that, there’s a discussion about this going on over here:

And another similar one here:

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