[Jan 20, 2019] Trials of Fortitude is ridiculous

Now the greed of SG is getting ridiculous. Literally taking the urine.
The challenging level is impossible for 95% of players.

2 healers, one of which casts counterstrike, against 3* heroes, of a type that most have no offensive magic abilities?! Even if you had 5 healers or 5 strong attackers, there is no chance you are going to complete the challenging level without having to pay gems to revive your team at least once with the limitations that have been put in place!
SM is just ripping us off of money in the form of the gems and any materials that we have built up over time,what a joke. Only those that spend a lot of money on this will be able to ‘afford’ to complete this, so as usual, the high payers get special treatment while everyone else gets their pockets emptied.

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I have read plenty of players here who completed it. I think the problem for some (including me) might be lack of bench depth, and that will come in time.

I’m sure the next trial will be different. Good luck!


Isnt it funny that on another thread somone complains about the level limits on the hard class quests ? :smile:

I assume you could have done the hard part if you had carpet bombed the boss level.
I could have but I am running already slightly low on mats. :unamused:


I went with Rigard, Kadillen, Vivica, Caedmon and Melendor and could not make it, but I focused Horghall, I will try to focus Boril next time.

Also you should know that if you use itens, you just drop axes, arrows, bombs and dragon attacks straight from the beggining, everything, and everyone is pretty much dead, just 300-500 life remaining. There is no need to complain that much.

It is. :joy:
And it confirms that a player level doesn’t have anything to do with the strenght and skill to beat the last stage.


This is a quest easily solved by heavy battle items usage. You don’t have to spend any money to get a decent 4* team and a level 17 forge. Use the team to get you to the bosses and then carpet bomb them. Arrows, axes, bombs and dragons, ta, ta, bosses, no trouble there… If you don’t have a team able to get you to the bosses without battle items usage, then you have a problem… it all comes down to the “Do I want to spend the resources in order to get the emblems? Is it worth it for me?” question…

Most of the levels you could complete with healers. I had 2 rigard 2 melendor (one on 3/60) 1 hansel (3/8). I could reach till challenging level easily. For the boss fight I brought axes, bombs and dragon attacks in case if needed. Half of the boss hp went down in like 1 minute (you can always enter to boss level with a diamond…) then I used a few items and it was complete… Without spending gems or using all items…
I really enjoy these new quests where you really need to think a little bit. It is challenging but there must be something for veteran players as well…

Well I answered to you once and will repeat myself.

We only see part of the picture.

Fot SG it probabely depends if there are more complaints with or without level limitation.

Since it seems only a ( very ) small number of players below level 30 can do it that might the reson for the limit.

It slows down ptw somewhat.

As written before I have seen players threaten to rage quit out of frustration because they could not use their “good” heroes.

So even if the limit is not necessary for you personall, you will have to live with it.
Please level up and move on. :smile:

Good luck doing it the next time the trial comes around.


For me the mats were not worth it this time.

I used viv, regard caedmon, hansel, and boril.

used no crafted items. hit viv with hansel to stop special

caedmon to shoot horghall if boril gets his special off to remove it.

boril to make horghall pay for his aoe special. viv and regard to cure the status ailment from horghall.

Easy if you have the heroes. :rofl:

the whole point is to teach people that all heros have a use. it’s not always about shiny new HOTM I have heroes that people get all up in arms about that I dont even use hardly ever. grave maker has been on my bench since June.


My class’ rooster:


My Trials of Fortitude’s team:


I did all 3 levels with Vivica(3/70),Melendor, Brienne, Kailani and Elkanen. At the last stage i used only some small potions and 3 bombs and dragon attacks at the boss wave. I got it done without any of my heroes dying. So if i could complete it with using 2 3* s and an unfinished 5* then it cannot be so ridiculously difficult.

Oooo! May I try your shiny chart on for size?

Of course you can but it’s not “mine” :slight_smile:
I copied and edited a 7DD’s pic.

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Just to let you know what can be done: I beat the level using a 3* and unleveled 4s - no 5s or special heros. I used Melia (fully leveled 3*), Caedmon, Boril, Rigard, and Melendor, plus items from my forge. The 4*s were 4^, 3^, 3^, and 4^, but none were fully leveled.

I went into the final round healed (with two healers, that was easy), and fully charged. I took bombs, super mana, healing vials, and time stops. My items plus weak offense killed off all but Vivica, who I couldn’t kill but who killed herself on Boril’s reposte. :blush:

Good luck - you’ll get there!

I did all 3 levels with this pitiful team

Hawkmoon, Melia, Boril, Melendor, Rigard

Yeah having to use so many healers and only having one hero who actively inflicts damage was a pain but having so many healers made it possible to get through all the mobs with my team alive w/o healing potions. Then, like many others are saying, once I got to the boss battle I let my items do the damage for me. I finished w/o having to spend gems on continues.

Emblems/talents are aimed at players who have been around longer than me anyway. Its mainly aimed at people who have rosters with less room to grow because it breathes some fresh air into the game for them.

Sorry you didn’t finish but on the bright side you got two levels worth of emblems— which I think is a fair amount for players who haven’t been playing as long. SG seemed to make the first two levels simple to do for teams with 600-to-1000 less team power than recommended so everyone could complete some of the new quests. Better luck next time.