🔵 [Jan 19, 2020] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I’m kind of low on heroes to work on, as you can probably tell. :rofl:

But with a ton of blue tank War opponents, I do love having Kiril as an option in either part of a 3-2 stack that has blue in it…which is how I ended up leveling my 5th Kiril. I don’t have a 6th one, so this is the last one to level for now at least.

I don’t have a lot of occasion to use Jabbar, so this is a fun spot for him. He could certainly be useful for Field Aid Wars too, depending on the sorts of opponents you tend to face.


My team this time:

  • Vivica 3^70
  • Leonidas 3^50
  • Rigard +20
  • Li Xiu +20
  • Boril +18

Compared to last time, Boril is up 8 talents, Li Xiu is up 1, and Leonidas finally claimed the orbs and has been hulking up on yellow feeders. He’ll be stuck at 3^70 eventually, though, because I only have 2 or 3 sets of darts, and I plan to give them to Vivica anyway.

It did seem like the extra oomph from Leo made a difference in the mob waves. Yellow tiles were quite strong. I was able to keep Boril active for basically the whole fight, which also helped. Entered the boss wave with riposte active and all specials charged. Fired off a dragon and bomb and went to work. Joon riposted on Li Xiu the first time, so that helped. I was also able to fire both Li and Leo at Friar Tuck twice each, prolonging the dreaded heal. I was actually in really good shape by the time the first dragon burned through and I renewed both a bomb and dragon, but then a cascade got away, and Friar Tuck healed. Unlike usual, however, that wasn’t a back-breaker, as Joon committed suicide on Li, and after a bit, Friar did the same with a regular attack on Vivica. Seeing Tuck go down without the need for further items was a cause for rejoicing, as taking down Boril after that was just a matter of time, even with Li and Viv already dead. Compared to last time, my item usage was WAY down (2 dragons and 2 bombs vs. 2 dragons, 5 bombs, and 5 axes last time) so I’m very happy.

Boril got to +18 with emblems from earlier stages; I’d probably stop there, but I have no other clerics that are ready for emblems - OK, except Mnesseus - so I guess I’ll keep giving them to him for now. I literally have no monks eligible for emblems, even at the three-star level, so I’m really hoping to pull Wilbur in Atlantis this week. I’ll even reset Bane’s emblems for him. Wonderful feast, indeed! Trainer hero goes to Leonidas.


Here’s my team…


My team last time:

And this time:

A few more emblems, but otherwise the same. One of the easier ones for me, thankfully


Team last time

This time

The difference is Leonidas my first 5* going on final ascension.

The battle this time was not as smooth as the last time.

Compared to the last time, this time It was a Pyrrhic victory, after losing Hatter it was as if his tiles doesn’t have much impact on the enemies though he at 3/70 anyway, used 4 mana pots, 3 axes, 2 dragon attacks

Leo will take on the trainer, monk emblems also saved for him, cleric banked for now


Same team as last time, albeit with an extra emblem rank or two. As a side note, I love the reworking of the hero select screen to only display heroes available for this trial, and to show all available costumes, even if a switch is required for participation. Well done.

  • On the bench: Viv, Hansel, Gafar, Elk 3.70, Rigs, Valeria #1, Wu, Li Xiu, Agwe, Boril, Jabbar, Wilbur 2, Chef BT
  • Up and coming: Grazul 4.35, Valeria #2 3.20

Got to the bosses with everyone charged except Ma North. No ‘withstands’ or ‘mana shields’ triggered this entire fight, which was a blessing. I went to work on Joon, since he is the biggest threat. He took a shot at Tarlak, but I had both Ariel and Ma ready with heals. dusts shoulder off dismissively A second shot from Sailor Moon and a tile drop took Joon down.

Dispatching Joon with Wilbur’s spirit link mostly active meant that the others were almost dead. Having two strong healers means I am less worried about the counter-attack. Lianna and tiles took out the friar.

At this point, a light breeze was sufficient to take out Boril.

I’ll hold the trainer for now, in case I get Viv’s costume from the portal. Emblems go to Ma North and the Tarlak Wilbur emblem collective.


My team last time - where I had to pay for continue:

This time I switched out Wu Kong for a second maxed Rigard. This slows down the boss stage, but was very helpful. I went with 2x mana, arrows and scrolls of revival (had 55 of them).
I didn’t pay attention, lost Hansel (wasn’t necessary) and…revived him. Lol.
Besides that little mistake the boss stage went smooth, I think I’ll stick to this lineup.

Trainer is stocked for Vivica.
Emblems go to 2nd Rigard (up to node 4), after that they’ll be stocked for MN. Monk emblems: Drake went to his 3rd node, he’s my strongest hero now. 30 missing for the 4th.


Went in with:

Tarlak 3.70
Wilbur +19
White bunny +6
Vivica +1
Hansel +1

Wiped all three stages with minimum fuss - no items required.


Swapped out Rigard for Grazul but it stayed the same otherwise. I used Li Xiu, Grazul, Boril, Valeria, Wilbur
Was a bit Leary of losing Rigards heal for Grazul’s but it worked out great. Grazul being very fast made up the difference. I just made sure that Wilbur wasn’t up when I used Boril and all was good. Joon killed himself on Boril as usual. Somehow Friar was the last man standing and red tiles took care of him.
Used 2 medium health and 2 dragon attacks to soften the final bosses up and they went quickly.
No reset token and healer is dusting my stronghold until someone comes along and eats him.


I replaced Leonidas with Joon and Wilbur with Kunchen. It was cool. No items used. Emblems and trainer hero hoarded for now. :slight_smile:


by far the easiest trials for me, seeing as 4 of my top 10 heroes can be used here. Wu Kong, Wilbur, Aeron… and I have a Joon coming up. So many monks, so few monk emblems… x.x


Did the first two

Emblems for Ariel and jabberwok onced finshed


Played around with my team and subbed in that hunky piece of man-meat (Tarlak) for Wu figuring the extra green would help with Boril:

Tough final board so Boril went off several times, finally used a time stop because YOLO, right? It’s cheaper than a bottle of wine for my frustration :wink:


Here we go:


Old team:
Mnesseus / Li Xiu (+4) / Hansel (+5) / Rigard (+8) / Pixie = 3120 TP

This Time:
WIlbur (+6) / Lix Xiu (+4) / Hansel (+5) / Rigard (+8) / Second Hansel (3/60) = 3442 TP

I could have used a max Boril instead os Wilbur or Hansel, but I know wilbur + boril or cyprian together are bad. And I wasn’t going to swap out Wilbur as he was very useful for when Boril put his Riposte up, and I could still attack Joon and damage the other two.

I killed Joon first and struggled with the other two, because he kept putting his stupid riposte up and I have no cleanser.
My second Hansel died but the rest were all in tip top shape

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My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

No change, no 75 gems cost to continue this time either. Started Cyprian’s emblem path since I recently maxed him. Probably gonna hoard monk emblems for Santa. I really enjoyed when The Hatter stole boss Boril’s riposte.


Did this trial across all three profiles. First two did the first two stages. 2nd alt only did 1st stage.

Here is who I took on my main:

Hansel despite being low level was very helpful on the bosses. I deliberately triggered Joon twice so he would take the damage and drain the mana. Rigard for the heals, and had 3 mana cutters. I took mana pots to keep Rigard charged at all times. Vivica was the hardest to take down because of her healing and defense increase. Anyway, emblems from both stages was enough to get Li Xiu to +15. Cleric emblems are being stored for now to be saved for Hawkmoon’s last node.

Here is who I took on my first alt:

I was initially gonna take Grimble but I saw over on my BT card that Chefy Boy was qualified for this one and I said ‘Bye Grimble!’ And took Chef BT instead. Turned out to be the right call as the attack buff came in handy along with suppressing as much health as humanly possible with Jabbar. Monk emblems are going to Jabbar who just started his grid today. Cleric emblems are being saved for Hawkmoon.

Here is who I took on my second alt:

Wu helped with taking down the bosses quickly. And Boril helped with reflecting Joon. Emblems are being stored for now.


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