🏅 [Jan 19, 2020] 40th Raid Tournament! — 4* Bloody Battle, All Elements

I’m going to try this maybe. I do have a few other emblemed heroes to consider, especially my Boril +18 that I used to run as tank for the longest time, but Buddy seems to be a popular choice too.



I’d flip it a bit. I’d Put Sonya on the left wing and try to remove Jackal from the defence (no defence stat).

Maybe put Wilbur in…

So try:
Sonya -> Wilbur -> Buddy -> Proteus -> Gretel

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@Guvnor- thanks for your input. Let me know how you feel about a reposte tank…

Not the biggest fan personally as they require taking damage to be effective… They’re also quite easily dispelled… by heroes like Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina & Melendor (to name a couple).

I think they are best as dual flanks but that’s me personally.

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Defence Update

Updated with a second pass now…

Plan on trying this out:


Counterattack has a boost right now, too, so you might get some extra damage out of it if people don’t dispel it first.

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Initial Setup

Always Good Advice Here

Well, I had an initial take of the following team but decided to go a little faster.

Instead, I added Scarlet and reshuffled a bit. I also subbed Triton for Grimm.

I wish I had a good blue tank (Boril?). In addition to my emblemed Buddy, I have an emblemed Gaderius. Would like to see them as dual flanks. One day I may try it.


You make a good night point! They are more useful to a defense when you CAN HEAL them -'interesting observation actually Guv

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Whatta ya got to lose?
Give it a try now-

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Bloody Battle tends to favor speed, but I’m thinking of trying this as an experiment despite that:

My thinking is that clearing status ailments in 4* is a bit tricky, because you don’t really want to use a slot for Rigard, Kiril, Boldtusk, or Gadeirus if you don’t have to, since the healing portion of their Special Skills are wasted here.

So I figure if I put in 4 ailment casters, an attacker has no options other than dealing with the ailments, or bringing a healer — unless they happen to have Sonya’s Costume, which is hopefully not super common yet. Even then, it’s a fair amount to keep up with clearing, and Li Xiu should be able to buy a turn or two if she fires.

Aside from that, it’s got Rogue Scarlett in the corner, which is usually a good spot for Rogues, since Special Skills are more likely to target them than tiles, particularly early on. And it’s got some of my heavier hitter options, plus a decent shot at getting some hits with a Defense debuff applied.

It is a risk, though, since the Emblems on Hansel and Tiburtus are lower, Scarlett is squishy on Defense, and it’s a lot of Average Mana.

Plus 4* Raid Tournaments tend to favor the attacker in general in my experience, even more than usual.

But I’d like to give it a shot. :man_shrugging:

(And all of this is also because I finally got Buddy a couple weeks ago, but he doesn’t have Emblems yet. Otherwise I’d set him as tank for sure. I’ll probably use him on Offense, though.)


Couldn’t agree more with your synopsis. I have seen a few rigards before in bloody battles, but not sure that I can say it’s a practical use of a hero slot in this type of tournament.

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I’ve definitely used him on Offense at times, when clearing status ailments was paramount.

But it’s a conscious choice to sacrifice some of the strength of that slot as an attacker — so that’s the choice I’m hoping to make attackers weigh for themselves.


It’ll definitely change my thinking on firing against a hero with Riposte up.

Normally I might eat the damage if they’re almost dead, but since that mechanism seems to have changed, Riposte could be a lot more dangerous than usual in Bloody Battle.

That’s also going to make me more cautious to bring multiple dispellers. So Sonya and Caedmon are likely to come along a fair amount.

Cyprian could be a smart tank in this setting. (More so than Boril, because of his color relative to dispeller options.)


All Elements… sigh.

So boring. I really don’t see the point of all element tournaments unless they have the courage to restart the 2* ones.

For what it’s worth, I’m going with Proteus - Jackal - Boril - Gormek - Caedmon


Im glad I’m not the only one who kinda goes oh well, when it’s an all element Tournament. In fact I want to see more variety like unable to use 2 elements, no dispells, must run specific colors left to right like must be red green blue yellow purple. Can only use vanilla heroes, etc etc etc - regardless , I still love the whole concept of the raid tournament

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I got slaughtered the last tournament for my defense, at 8/8 losses lol.
Wondering what everyone thinks of this defense?

Hansel (+5) / Colen (+11) / Boril (+6) / Scarlett (+6) / Peters (+4)
Green + Red + Blue + Red + Green

I just wanted to try something different to what I usually would. You think this could be ok or definite no?

wouldn’t taking 2 o3 blues be strong on ur middle and one flank and take out both wilber and C-Sonya

Does Sonya costume still debuff? I had a great war battle with someone who used Wilbur on the left wing then Caedmon on the right Wing… WIlbur activated on my heroes bring my defense down but then their own Caedmon used his special and cleansed my herooes… it was great. I won that battle quite easy lol.

Her Costume clears status ailments on all allies.


@Scarecrow is usually over this thread. I need to know your team so I can just copy. Imitation is the greatest compliment :wink:.


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