🎭 [Jan 18, 2021] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

I beat the odds with my summons! I wanted costumed Marjana, but I got two other 5* costumes whom I don’t really desire. Couldn’t complain with my luck, though.


Wanted any 5* from this. Even the HOTM would do.
I got a 5*
Five in fact.
… all five were Khagan
I stg, what are the odds?
ah well, next time, might bring better luck.


What do you people think of costume Sabina?

I like her skill and she could be useful in wars against specific opponents.

But I am sorry she was made even more into an att stat hero with her costume version. Even at +18 her def-hp stats are too low to survive at highest level. This is for me an imbalance to c.rigard or c.boldtusk who are effectively 5 star healers. Even c.melendor is more bulky.

I would have loved a bit of variety and bring her up to +18, but I guess a third c rigard+19 will make more sense.


Just lost a good teammate due to frustration about his pulls. Level 81. He said he did 66 pulls and didn’t get a 5* costume. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He’s leaving the game.

How I wish things were different. I love this game, but it can be very frustrating when you’re in an unlucky streak. Worst part is I’m convinced just little improvements such as slightly better odds, a solution to dupes or a pity counter could make it much less frustrating.

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Trust me. Unless your dropping a fist full of cash on this game we all feel that way. I basically stopped spending and not doing any pvp until I can get any team over 4000tp. Think we would all love better odds. Any of these costumes would have been a huge improvement and renewed my enthusiasm to fight against others. They should make it easier to get a variety of the lower heroes.

I haven’t leveled my Sabina costume yet but I think she looks useful. Her buff-blocking can be handy in booster tournaments: dispel enemies’ buffs and prevent them from getting new ones for the next few turns.

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You pulled five Khagan costumes? Did you record it? I would love to see that video :rofl:

Congrats! I read that Domitia costume is actually not bad. Not sure about Khagan since there has been no review on his costume yet but I personally think he looks promising.

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Good point, she will be strong in buff tounaments indeed. As I mentioned I like her skillset, her stat distribution is what I would tweak. Her usability in one area of the game does not justify giving emblems to her.

I understand she will never be as bulky as rigard as she never was even in her original form. But I would have liked if SG uses the opportunity to make her costume version a bit more def/hp oriented so she is also usable in war.

Yup, I agree. I think costumed Domitia is good; I just really wanted to get costumed Marjana that time. Still, I would probably stick with Domitia in her classic form: a Rogue who dispells. I already have a fully leveled Domitia and emblemed up to the 13th node, so far - I would just level her costume for the sake of improving her stats further.

But as I said, I couldn’t complain with my luck, though. Two 5* costumes in 26 pulls are great odds. :grinning:


sadly i didn’t think to record it :joy: but i do have the costumes still, i wish i was lying ! the vivs were from a previous costume chamber!


Gaining the exact same 5* costume five times is both lucky and unlucky. Hahaha!

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v3 Costumes (card stats adjusted for proper ranking within their rarity as well among all Rare to Legendary Heroes).

See the following thread within the forum for visual of the ‘source’. Note: each new hero release or balancing re-calibrates all the rankings. So they are valid as of 2021/01/23.

files are large/clear - a ‘view image’ will allow you to properly move in on the data.


Great job @Razor! Thank you for the update! I was looking earlier in the week for your costume ratings while I readjusted my leveling plans! Looks like I have some homework! :wink:


It was Mr. Spocks ohhhs, awwwws and noooo ways that set me of on this little adventure… of looking DEEPER into the BURNING MJ.

Her Power Ranking increasing from
#36 to #5
and her attack Ranking increasing from
#79 to #37
explains her continued sniper capabilities as a hit 3 (target + ‘minor’ nearby).

Here defense stat only took a -4-rank drop (#58 to #62) while all others soared equipped in costume. Health makes up for it moving from #42 to #13!

A simple semi-weighing of what proper deviations are on ‘Classing’ equalization assumptions can be readily head-calculated with:


She is a
+39(A), -4(D), +29(H), +31(Pw)
in ranking adjustments on base stats.

My Ap +62 and Dh +22 algorithms are great improvements as well. At the legendary levels these fared very well early on (S1) when attempting to ‘normalize’ a more realistic ranking overall as cards lie hard at times (they skew too much moving toward rares and haven’t been reworked since so I don’t push it).

-54% defense down versus her fire is big with the -34% attack down against her primary nemesis Ice. Fn NICE!

Her Attack Power though 100% less (358% vs 458%) is offset with the Attack and Power increases in my opinion without digging into it deeper. Likely as strong a hitter as previous with the target and d-down.

Her minor nearby damage is coming in at 48%, 43% and 46% of the target using simple calculations. Granted its Nature and Fire in the vs here. Regardless these are big numbers for ‘minor’ damage and consider 3 of the 7 hit targets had RESIST at the time and Kingston has burn resistance.

Marj is badass. PERIOD. Always was imo and she stood the test of time well especially as a classic. In my initial costume reviews this is one of the better skill set combos.

She has been a beast outside of ICE.
Yes there is much to be said about her loss of DODGE… overall however, damn I want this costume bad!

Thanks for the Diversionary Trip @Mr.Spock… not sure how I stumbled upon your YT that I couldn’t find later… feel free to add the link here!

Warm Regards,


cc: @JAWS1 @DracoLovesRi @jinbatsu @Rigs (thanks for the love bro - ha ha) @Ranvir @D2z @Guvnor @Sternman @nevarmaor


Thanks for the tag @Razor

She was the reason I saved up for months, had been anticipating her since October when I first hoped she would make an appearance.

Sadly, this was a wretched costume chamber for me. Coins, gems and even some extra unplanned spending to no avail. Two Bertilas joined but not a single 5* costume.

Second day after the chamber opened I revenged a team with a +20 Marjana-C. Once the raid was comfortable, I let her hit me. It was legit enough that I couldn’t allow her to do it again.

High on the wish list.

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Let’s say you max all five Khagans and the costumes. They would be an unstoppable force in 5* rush attack tournaments hehe


Forgot I had turned this into a VID!

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Dang Sternman, sorry to hear buddy. I’m pretty costume poor myself lol. REALLY REALLY wanted to get her too. Your in my prayers for what they are worth next round! for both of us!

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Fingers crossed and wishing you some good luck next chance too.

I’ve faced her several times now and she isn’t elite defense material. Better than most but she is a relief after facing Frigg, Odin +3 Ninjas all at +20.

Then again, we don’t really want her for defense, I have some green titans in mind, I would love to punish them properly for laughing at me all these years.

Nice video. Have now looked up YET ANOTHER of your music tracks! Thanks, E&P expanding my horizons!

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