🏅 [Jan 12, 2020] 39th Raid Tournament! — 5* Rush Attack, No Ice/Blue

especially back-to-back…maybe not a bug, but wonky matching lol…nice revenge

I continue if I see a good chance for Top 5% or better.

Looking for emblems.


Thanks for the video.
Nice fights and matching music.
Congratulations for Def-rank.
Wish you good luck, performance and success on the fifth day.

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Okay, have a nice C grade now. My alt was in till this morning…strange :smiley:

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lost twice yeterday with mediocre boards and much stronger opponents. And 1 loss the first day. First opponent today is about 600-700 TP higher than mine. Doubt I’d be able to win it.

Defense is still an A though, which is super surprising considering my opponents in defense mostly all have 300-400 higher TP as well.

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Thinking 1 more continue depending on when the 2nd 4th loss comes. If it’s 1st attack probably won’t continue. If it’s 2nd or 3rd attack then I probably will.
Good luck guys


I’m on limbo… 12264 points… 18-4… Maybe if defense holds c I might keep 1% anyway I won’t spend 75 gems to try top 1%

I don’t understand your post… It is the 4th day. You cannot have 18-4, unless this is a post from the future :joy:


So 14-4… Didn’t really count thought it was last day

I needed continue already with 15:5 on attack. I got severely punished for bad boards in this tourney with two losses where I did not even kill the tank.
But, my defense holds well this time with 6:2. Did not spend too much time for set up and did not expect that it is exceptionally scary, perhaps opponents just had bad boards as well…


You cannot hope to remain even at 5% with 7 attacks to go. Perhaps only with A grade would be possible 5% without almost half of attacks (7 + 4). Perhaps, but most unlikely…

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Worst day ever. Lost 2 battles because enemies kept surviving with less than 20 hp and were immediately healed back up, lost another one because of bad board and unwanted cascades.
At least I wasn’t attacked again so my A rating gives hope but two 0 scores suck.

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Today at attack: 4-1
First fight was fantastic this way: :+1:
Second one: Hm…Snafu Zero points.
Reaction: :rage::fire::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :volcano:
Qualification for Olympics in cursing: :white_check_mark:
Calmed, reflected possible mistakes and won three till five.
Top 10%.
Defence…um…first…from behind…
Tomorrow: Just wanna have fun. :yum:

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My defense hasn’t lost yet being attacked 8 times. Mother North in a rush tournament feels like cheating lol.


Day 4 was ugh. Main went 1-4, boards were super bad. Both alts went 3-2. It is getting harder to fight with what was working the first 3 days. Hopefully day 5 has me end on a high note.

Day 4 Update

Score = 14,392 - Rank = 1543 - Top 1%

Got dealt some real shyte boards… like the game forgot that it was a “No Ice” tournament… cause all i got were blue tiles lol…

Lost 3/5 attacks on Day 4 and am currently out of the tournament… will wait and see if it’s worth continuing or not… I SHOULD be able to maintain top 1% without needing the continue but we’ll see.

As I said, lost another 3 matches… mainly cause I kept getting blue tiles regardless of what I did so it was a pain in that the enemy healers kept healing & i couldn’t get the tiles needed to deal damage/ charge specials… Maybe it’ll teach me to go 2-2-1 haha… shoulda gone with 4-1 or mono on a couple & I MIGHT have gotten away with it.
Interestingly, A18 & A20 were against the same person… to differing results :stuck_out_tongue:

Teams I lost to - (click for details & comments)

A17 - shoulda won...

except that MoNo had a 100% revive rate in the 3 times she fired… and each time she fired I couldn’t ghost tiles & keep charging specials cause I had to kill ursena & neith & BK all over again…

A19 - Just a painful Guin fight...

Guin kept healing & charging & I just couldn’t get tiles to hit/match to kill her or anyone for that matter.

A20 - won in 18 but lost in 20 lol

A18 & A20 were against the same person… won one of them & lost the other… difference of a decent board vs. a crappy one.

seem to be maintaining at about the 58-62% win area… will either end the day in High B-Rank or Low A-Rank for defence.

Other Updates


Top 1% again

Man, I love tourneys
Kicking butt with 3/70’s is so much fun :smirk:
& Making use out of all of my heroes is even better :blush:

6 attacks with 3 wins, B Grade all four days


Been stacking 2-2-1 this entire challenge, with Alby always in there as my perfect little safety net :heart:

Red I’ve been using Khagan, Elena and/or QoH
Green I’ve only stacked if I see a lot of buffs, since Hatter takes care of em best
Yellow, my favorite duo to use - Inari + Justice
Purple, my most dependable: Hel + Kunchen

Day One: No losses, as usual (my favorite day)

Day Two: Two losses, with some terrible boards (wanna say the second loss was on me though, being frustrated going into it after losing the previous). Really thought this day would wreck my success during this tourney…

Day Three: Knew I needed to focus more [in order to make up for my two losses on day two], so I did just that - I studied my opponent’s heroes and how to build a team around em a bit better, all while eyeing the board making smarter moves, and I was successful; no losses that day :grin:. Phew… just need to repeat that process one more time

Day Four: So with a little bit of luck, I made it yet another day without any losses :blush: Though, today I had a close one, going down to the last 30 seconds. I just could not kill Onatel and Kunchen fast enough:

So now I’m sitting pretty - making it to day five again without continues - so even if I get knocked out tomorrow, I’m good (yay) :blush:


This is the first time I’ve had my defense do great on a 5* tournament. Kunchen has given me the most trouble this tournament so I’m glad to see mine is putting in work too.

The player I blurred is actually a current alliance mate. She attacked me the same day that I joined the alliance. Small world.


At the moment, 15-5 attack. My highlight win is taking John, Azlar, Onatel, Alby, and Mother North against this team and pulling through:

(really nice defense there and it just fell right;. 5* tourney is always a tough go). And then I lost the next attack.

Rush attack is a fickle mistress as always.

Defense is a B. 7-7. Top 5% heading to day 5; if Fortune smiles on me, I may make the 1%.


Day 3

  • Offense: 4-1 (13-2)
  • Defense: 3-2 (6-4, A)

Day 4

  • Offense: 4-1 (17-3)
  • Defense: 1-0 (7-4, A)

Day 5

  • Offense: currently 3-0, two flags left

Defense holded A from day 2 despite having E on day 1 which is nice. But I am more pleased with my attacks, making it to Day 5 is cool, I will end up in top 1% for sure now.

I usually sticked to this team on offense, but against teams with less damage dealers I switched MN for either Kingston or Little John.

My biggest problem is that I have only one mana troop lvl11+ for each colour which makes my fire stack less effective (it would limit any colour stacks so that’s the main reason for going as much rainbow as possible)

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