🏅 [Jan 12, 2020] 39th Raid Tournament! — 5* Rush Attack, No Ice/Blue

Tourney is going so so

Was expecting much more comfortable A grading on defense every day with this defense

Reality is different - after first day 5:0, on second day many defeats and overall 12:8 for A but one loss away from dropping

Offense - lost my first 3 due to both terrible boards and bad play from my side. After that finally found my team and won 7 in a row. Don’t expect that i will win another 15 in a row( there will be a bad board down the line ) so will be continuing for sure with gems.

Attacking with this team regardless of defense for my 7 wins. It has everything- mana control, hedge in BK and cleanse and heal with Rigard; and the duo killers at very fast is ridiculous:)


Same here (in fact, I said in the beginning of this thread it is not possible for me to finish at 1%). I have no event and season 2 heroes and my costumed and emblemed Isarnia + emblemed Richard could given me some hope. My defense is also a disaster (I expected though).


Defense team:

Day 1

  • Offense: 5-0
  • Defense: 0-2 (E)

Day 2

  • Offense: 4-1 (9-1)
  • Defense: 3-0 (3-2, A)

Day 3

  • Offense: 1:0 so far

E grade for first day made me wondering what went wrong and if this defense team is that bad. Day 2 showed that it was just bad luck (combined with few attacks), I hope to stay at least in B+ now.

For offense I always use the same team (MN Vivica Proteus Santa Marjana), it’s slow one but it works nicely so far. Just heal up, then fire Proteus then one shot with Santa+Marjana. Repeat until you win. It works mainly because of all aoe hitters, snipers are annoying. I would probably use different team when there was more snipers in one team.

That one loss came from team with Neith on flank, I triggered some unwanted combos twice which charged her and her mana cut was too much to recover from.

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really good luck so far, when I have only 1 maxed (mediocre) 5 star hero and all of my opponents, offense or defense have 300-500+ higher TP than my team… 9-1 wins, B on the first day in defense, A (!!!) on the second day. Top 5% so far with all 5 attacks remaining to be used today.


My results have been so so.

Day 2 :

Defence team :


Currently sporting a 5-2 record for an A rating

On attack I have gone 7-3 so far losing to these teams :


Bad boards allowed kadilen to fire early despite stacking 3 fire and some unfortunate slash attacks killed my dispeller. Tiles managed to kill kadilen in the end but by then both azlar and justice could fire.


This loss was entirely my own fault. I underestimated Vivica at tank in this format and didn’t stack purple. assuming I could kill her off with some off color tiles and subsequent special skills. I couldn’t and her constant healing, hoorghalls damage reduction and rigards heal over time made it impossible to make a dent. It got me a big fat 0 for my effort once time ran out. Lesson learnt the hard way.


I was never in this one. A bad board against a very well put together team. In the end tiles killed kadilen due to a lucky cascade but an emblemmed santa with no blues and 3 maxed 5*'s to my name was one bridge too far. My only hope was to outlast this team due to a lack of healers on defense so I went in with MN, Costumed melendor and wilbur with kestrel and colen supplying the damage hoping to whittle them down slowly but it was over before I could get going.

5* tournies are tough because I can field a 4k tp defense team but have no 5* depth so my attacking teams are always around the 3.6k-3.8k range. Punching above my weight class.

All in all I am not too dissapointed. Generally I am fighting teams which are 300-400 tp above me so I don’t think getting past day 3 was ever on the cards.


att 11:4 top 1%
def 4:2 A
mandatory continue :rofl:

My 1st att was probably the fastest battle ever.

Needed only 3 turns:
diamond > charge > fire :boom: :star_struck:

Clip of the 3rd day:

30 seconds 3 turn rush victory:


what reward are you looking for that you would use gems to continue?

Some emblems and having fun doing more battles. In the 1st place I don’t spend to gain rewards, I spend to increase my gaming experience and to have more fun. It’s my spare time and the game is fun. One can’t win it, but have a great time.


Day 3.


Offense: 0-2 and done. Purple tanks everywhere and not a yellow tile in sight. The second fight I was able to kill the tank at least due to a small bit of RNG benevolence, but then I hit the mono drought, and what little I did get got ground down by Onatel, Neith, and Hel. So I’m out.

Defense: got attacked once and lost, so B. Not terribly invested in its performance now.

Not continued after the disastrous first day, but defence holding A 9:2, typical!

Out on day 3.

On attack no chance…lost 2 attacks with zero points.

Defence E 2:9 something…not gonna pay.

Probably top 50% at the end of week.

Second day was one with zero good fights. Made huge mistakes; incorrect formations and absolutely blind for good tiles. May start „mimimimi“ but the not the tiles or the heroes or anything else had pushed me to loose.
Sometimes it is the better option not to play/fight when the head is full of negative thoughts.
Third day started like yesterday end‘s. Bought a buy-in and won the other fights.
At the moment: Top 10%. No expectations about any ranking.
Reason for investing gems: Want to fight, try some options and thoughts and gain experience. And have a little bit fun after a hard day.

Wish everybody a great day number: 4.

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Lost to Ursena+18 and a slow board. Won the other 4, most of them were tough. Defense has not been attacked again, I’m perfectly fine with a 3-2 A rating.
Barely in the top 1% but with 3 losses tomorrow will be tense.

Stop Drop Shut em Down Open up Shop
–Pictures are worth a thousand words- (750 words in E&P raid tournaments😉)



Same as e1 else- we’re all facing tough defenses, and just hoping for some boards

B grade over my last 6 so things are looking meh… A little bit better


Day 3 was good. My main is getting teams in the 3900 to 4K range now. My team is doing good even though I lose I am still getting some points off of them. Main went 3-2, 1st alt and 2nd alt went 4-1. Losses were the same usual reason, board not giving me enough tiles to take out the tank or in the case of my 2nd alt, not giving enough greens to fire Shrubbear before everyone else goes off.

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Doing very very bad on this haha.
I have only done 13 attacks and lost all lives, still had 2 flags left for today.
My defense had been attacked 8 times and lost ALL 8 haha

Needless to say I won’t be doing any gem continues

9878 points at 1%
Offense 12-3
Defense: D, C, D

Day 3 Update

Score = 11,343, Rank = 113 - Top 1%
Narrowly missed staying on the leader-board thanks to a loss to an old Groot Alliance Mate (@Qu!nn) in A13. If I’d won it, I would be up around the 40 mark…

Pretty happy to still be up there. will hopefully make it back to leader-board tomorrow!

As I said, lost my first battle in A13. Overall am 14/15 on offence

Defence I Lost to:

Back to A-Grade… The needed win came 10 minutes into the third day :stuck_out_tongue: woulda been nice yesterday so I maintained A-Grade the whole time but hey…

Other Updates


Main acct out but my alt acct is still in and I find it quite humorous.


Days 2 and 3

Sometimes You Got to Know When to Stop

Well, day 2 started with a loss, just like day 1. Rather disappointing. Here’s who near me.

My defense took a dive also but I was still top 5% and actually pretty close to the top 1%.

But then came day 3. Battle one - loss. Battle 2 - loss. That’s all folks. Here are the teams and a sample board I was dealing with against a vicious team.

Truth be told, I’ve been playing a bit distracted recently. I’ve noticed my raids have gone down to 50-70 % win. Been rushing and just not playing well. Understanding this, I’m bowing out of the tournament. It doesn’t make sense to continue until I can get my head back in it.


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