Jahangir is... glowing today

Is it just me or has Jahangir been retouched? He seems to have more depth with a more fiery light on his face. Maybe I’m seeing things, but it kinda jumped out at me in the hero list :face_with_monocle:

Yep they have retouched Jahangir in the latest update and looks like they made the shadowy effects by increasing the glowing fire’s light in his hands. More serious lol. Grimm’s eyes are red too :grinning:

P.S: Not sure what tge purpose of these facial tweaks but Still I will mostly continue to roll with Azar and Nashgar over Jahangir :wink:

I wonder if it’s a nod to the recent Jahangir story? Just curious!

A little eye glow never hurt anyone so why not :wink:

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Is it just me or is Jahangir really weird looking in this picture ( advanced fire )? It’s from the training camp

Sorry for the necro-bump.
I’ve always thought that was Jahangir, but an angry looking one or at least has a look of disgust about him (in the TCs). Jahangir’s actual hero card made him look much kinder and calmer.

I wonder if it’s just the devs thinking it’s not really important to address this since most gamers just ignores TC14 - TC18.

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