Jahangir does fire damage although Gatos special is active

So this tournament I lost a battle because my opponents Jahangir kept dealing fire DoT to my heroes although my Gatos special was active. So the three protected heros should not have received the fire DoT.
Another bugged hero in a bugged tournament.

Do you use Gatos before Jahangir use skill ? Gatos doesn’t cure but protect new ailment.
If yes, then it is a bug.

Yes. Gatos skill was active. Then jahangir fired. Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it as a bug.

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I test with Gatos boss in S2 1-5. Gatos buff can block Jahangir’s burn. Maybe, it only bug in tournament.

I used Gato in this tournament, opponent’s Jahangir fired and Gato’s shield worked, he and his nearby allies didn’t get burn status.

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