Jade has to be buffed!

She’s a perfect candidate for a completely new skill with her costume. Or at least improve it or give it a twist that’s better than Santa & M.N. costume skills tweaks !!! Very little thought gone into them !!! I pulled Vics costume & that’s how u make a hero better with a costume change !!! Similar with Jades costume please !!!

With the introduction of the new ninjas She it’s really usles, they have to make it from 5* to 3* and that it’s like this at least this she will be maxed, if she remains in this form she it’s a good candidate for a feeder nothing more

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They will introduce her costume soon, SGG knows how to gain money

You’ve already given up and would rather pull this hero AGAIN to make her useful instead of getting her fixed? What happened to buffing useless heroes? I’d like to see the numbers/stats on who uses Jade and where. She is probably one of the most unused 5* heroes for people that actually have her. She is a giant 5* pile of garbage.

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They aren’t going to make a balance change with her. She’s is the hero I think requires a buff more than any other hero on the basis of the quality of all the other ninjas. The ninjas, magic heroes r supposed to be some of the best in the game & most players wud be ecstatic to pull any of them, caveat being Jade & that simply shud not be the case. Reason for the costume & not balance change is ££££. A balance change wasn’t give them a single penny but a costume that’s worth pulling for wud give extra incentive in that nowadays rare ninja event. Off topic just pulled Ludwig. Seems ok !!! LOL !!! He’ll be nerfed but shouldn’t as we NEED these powerful heroes to battle these powerful heroes !!! It’s a viscous circle that spirals out of control when new heroes after new keep being released which only caters for the guys who spend tonnes on the game but for those FTP or myself who is a CTP player is forgotten about & the heroes I do have r just not that relevant anymore !! Shame cuz I really used to luv this game !!


Oh, then there is Shale. is he ever used anywhere, for anything? :man_shrugging:

I fed a fully leveled 1 of her away to make space. She’ll get a skin now, just watch. No rebalance but something for people to spend on

A fully levelled Shale or Jade !!! Guarantee if it was Jade she’ll get an awesome costume now u done that !!!

I think that no hero should be buffed before the purple fish

Stinky, pinky, fishtail twinky !!! LOL !!! The fish !!! What a joke !!!

I just pulled my first and only 5* ninja. Spent 14000 gems, and guess who I got… Jade.

I’m so happy to know that a rare challenge hero that I spent so much money on is worse than Kadilen from Season 1. At least Kadilen is fast speed and does damage to all.

Such a disappointment.


Jade is the worst 5* hero in the game IMO. Not even a doubt about it. Yes, I pulled her too (along with the second worst 5* ninja, Mica). Lucky me.

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I used my purchased tokens today hoping for a new bad a$€ ninja but alas nothing, but as a consolation prize I pulled Onyx !! Been after him for a while to join Cobalt (L.B.) & Garnet (soon to be L.B.) then as soon as dark aethers arrive I’ll LB Onyx for the mini 3x set. I do have Jade on the bench at 1-1 but never saw the point in wasting the mats. I was going to take her to 3-70 for the 3x hero family bonus but now I have Onyx I’ll defo not level her. Good day for me which makes a change.

First I thought I was missing something, but I’m not… there’s only three new ninjas and guess what colors? That’s right! Red, purple and blue. No green, no yellow. The colors that have the worst ninjas got nothing. The other three colors, with the strongest ninjas, all got new (and strong looking) 5*. The colors that needed it most, got squat… Justice, the SG way…

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Hello Stavro!Are you lucky in the lottery? I spent 35000 diamonds recently in Valhalla and pulled Akkorog and Oktros without HOTM! That bothered me a lot!

Hello @kaiaforizo13, I don’t spend a lot anymore, I got milena and zenobia from single pulls, so I am happy.

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