Jade has to be buffed!

Yes she needs a buff. Giving her minions or at least damage like Margareth would gave her new life.


Getting ninja hero is tough and if u get a ninja and if it’s jade it’s very disappointing. She needs some buff. Atleast on first charge she should add dodge to all allies. Just slight buff to make her usable.


*Not saying the SGG devs did this intentionally ** but for Jade to be the one ninja that people are singling out as obviously weaker compared to the rest of the 5 ninjas AND Jade being the only Black Female of the ninjas really subconsciously reinforces some ingrained power dynamics that need to be changed. For that reason alone, buff Jade!

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Agree, she has to be like red and yellow ninja!

I 100% agree. I took her to 4/80 with 14 nodes and stripped her of the monk emblems b/c she’s not useful enough. I have Onyx and Garnet maxed (including emblems) and working on Mica’s emblems now. But Jade’s dodge should be for herself and nearby at 25%. She has tremendous potential but the poorly thought out special for charge 1 makes her basically unusable.

Shale is the worst though. Just a waste of mats.


Shale IS terrible, but Jade is worse. If you ascend her you waste 4* precious mats. If you ascend Shale you just waste the abundant 3* ones. No biggie. Jade is just a travesty on the highest level.


Just one different point from me. All the ninjas were designed to be not only the playable characters, but also the NT bosses. In the second case, she works very well in my opinion. She slows you down (worse score) and helps other bosses to survive long enough to fire. Even if you use mana potions after her special, your heroes can still miss their hits.

I can imagine, that it is very difficult to design a new hero to be good as a boss in the game and also as playable character.

But I agree, that pulling her is not a big win. :slight_smile:

I think Jade would be pretty easy to fix as a non-damage dealing hero without making her OP.

1st charge 50 percent dodge for 2 turns for all. ( slightly fast than c. Kadilen but only dodges damage along with giving no damage. She also won’t give a minion and can be dispelled easily) This is balanced at that speed.

2nd charge 75 percent dodge for 3 turns for all. (bigger change to miss than c. Kadilen but again only to damage and easily dispelled especially at average speed along with no damage. By average speed most people with have a dispeller ready.)

3rd charge 100 percent chance to dodge for 4 turns for all. (This is not as OP as it sounds. This is at very slow speed and no damage is being given. Everyone should have a dispeller ready at this point. I see this more like Black Knight only way slower. Can’t rely on giving damage but can dispell only with black knight everyone’s attacking is higher and not dispelled at a much faster speed.)

This change would make her actually usable but not too OP at tank and have lots of fun uses on offense.


I use her only as fast mana cut. Of course, if not necessary to fire I can save her mana for 2 or 3 charge. The good thing with Ninja.

I see the dodge function more as plan B. If you cut mana and your next move still get an enemy hero to fire, them there is a dodge chance. So in my point of view, her primarily function is fast mana cut.

Of course I would welcome more skills if they choose to buff her. I use the other 5* ninja more often.

Happy gaming

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Still wasted too many feeder heroes going to 1.8. Mine is at 1.1. It is the ninja event consolation prize. Can’t complain because you pulled a 5*, but will never develop to anywhere close to the potential of the other ninjas.

Why Jade it’s different?

All allies 2 turns
All allies 3 turns
All allies 5 turns

Isn’t rocket science folks!

Simple and easy, same for Shale.


I agree that she is very underwhelming.

Maybe just adding some damage to her to make her more usable?

she exists to be a weak ninja.

something like a motivation to keep chasing cobalt|onyx|garnet.

do u want stronger ninja? pay

Sorry, no. Shale applied for that position on a casual basis but was so good at it that he has been offered a lifetime residency.

Yes, Shale has captured the “worst ninja” role and refuses to give it away.
But Jade does sit secure in the second worst spot. Tier 1 mana cut is barely noticeable. If it started at 20% then she’d be solid. Or if tier 1 gave dodge to her and nearby for 3 turns. Either one of these would make Jade far more useful. I don’t think it would be wise to add both for charge 1.

The problem with Jade is that she rejected Kung Lao and went with the ugly Kotal instead.

She nerfed herself by doing that.

Shale doesn’t cost 4* mats. Jade does. Both are pretty useless. Jade would spawn bigger regret of spending mats than Shale, hence she is the worst ninja (by far). See a Shale pop up on a summons…meh, good food. See a Jade? Noooooooooooo, why god whhhhyyyyyy!!!?!!???

Seems like everything SG touches these days…they break. Starting to think the original folks who made the game are gone and now we are stuck with people who think they get it…but really really don’t!!! So so sad!

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It’s all about new more powerful heroes to get people to part with their hard earned money !!!

I think with the introduction of these new ninjas in beta, this conversation need to be brought back up. BUFF JADE. There are lots of great ideas on how to do it listed in this thread.


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