Jade has to be buffed!

But in December 28th.

Jade is meh, as you said, and a double portion of coal if someone gets Shale as well.

PS: I forgot to say that in December 28th is when we celebrate the April fools’ day in Spain.


Ha ha, pretty funny, cmon, these ninjas are already all op superheros.

Be happy with what you have as many players do not have and are struggling and discouraged playing anymore.

NEXT time, you might just get a dawa… Maybe a few of them. So be happy, Jade is op and awesome for those that have her. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that ironic. :rofl::joy::rofl:

Actually, most people who pulled Jade haven’t leveled her. She is not OP. She is trash. The only use for her is her family bonus. It really is ridiculous that she doesn’t affect all her allies on the first charge. Only people who are swimming in tonics would level her over Lianna, Kadilen or even Elkanen.


So I agree that she is not as powerful as the other 5* ninjas… which doesn’t make her trash, or requiring a buff. Let’s compare her to C Kad, looking at her “average” special as that is the closest match

Speed: C Kad bit faster than fast (7 something tiles), Jade average (10 tiles), adv C Kad

Mana: C Kad nothing, Jade cuts all enemies by 15%. adv Jade. This can be quite a big impact

Dodge: C Kad 45% to all allies for all incoming specials. Jade 50% to her and closest allies (3 or 5, depending on formation) on specials that cause damage. adv C Kad on the number of allies and that she dodges can be made on ailments/debuffs and not just damage specials. 45% vs 50% is not much difference. adv C Kad

So objectively looking at it C Kad has the better special, but I would say it is like a score of 9 vs 7. If C Kad or the other ninjas weren’t there to set the bar it would not be seen as a bad special.

Now, would anyone use Lianna or Elkanen over Jade? That is not an apples to organges comparison as it is comparing damage dealers to a support hero. I think Jade is more powerful than those heroes, but if you need damage dealers you would use those. In a vacuum - I would not hesitate in giving her mats over the other 2.
Compare that with C Kad

I get asking Shale to be buffed because he is significantly weaker than a 4* costume that is a direct rival (C Rig). I don’t think Jade deserves a buff because whilst she is weaker than a 5* costume (C Kad) it is not a 100% direct comparison as Jade’s special does something extra, and the comparison is not a blowout. And still stronger than many other heroes out there

You are missing C Kadilen: actually has damage output to ALL enemies. Jade has zero. That’s a BIG difference, especially at fast speed firing multiple times!


Yes true I missed that. The damage is not big, but it is a thing. That does put her further ahead of Jade, but more in terms of how (O)powerful she is, rather than how weak Jade is.

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Yes she does not have the thing. :smile:

Imo, ability to dodge dispells gives c.Kadilen a huge advantage over Jade. I think it’s the most annoying part - if she fires, the only certain counter is tiles dmg (if those ninjas don’t dodge tiles).

You know I like to experiment and I do always look for new sinergies, but Jade really doesn’t look good. She’s my only ninja hero and she stays at 1-1 for foreseeable future. Maybe if I pull more of them, it will make sense to level her and exploit the family bonus somewhere. Otherwise, no…


This is where simply looking at the card versus actual play experience comes into the conversation. Much like with your work on Noor, I think the discussion about Jade is more of the same.

Do you have her? How many times have you fought against her?

Jade is not a standalone hero. She needs other ninjas to be relevant and even at that point, she underwhelms. I think the best possible use for her, in her current form, is to be a 5 tile mana cutter on offense. Quick and dirty, one extra turn to pray that the tiles fall in your favor. It’s hardly a decent skillset.

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Buff her whenever I pull her. She’s not that bad is she? I don’t have any cool ninjas. Only the 4 stars

With the summoning odds as they are in the ninja portal (read: you still don’t have one), no ninja should be considered coal.


Jade like garnet…or mica on offense won’t win the battle for you but they play a bully role if you get an advantage. …onyx and cobalt are game changers from a damage standpoint, but I find jade really fun on offense and I will find the right mix with her on def (one day)

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Plus C. Kadilen dodges all specials. Jade just dodges the ones that do immediate damage.

I think Jade’s main role is mana cutter not dodge skill.
She can reduce 10% all enemy mana within only 5 tile. That is the fastest mana speed of cutter in this game.
I think Jade isn’t overpower (like C Kadilen) but also not underpower too. How can we say the fastest mana speed of cutter in this game is underpower ?


Because of RnG. Jade is much better on defense than offense. You don’t know if the cut is gonna come after the 1st or 3rd charge. If it’s the 3rd charge, there’s a pretty good chance it wouldn’t have mattered

I do agree though, the dodge should be reduced and for all heroes. Someone mentioned a 20/40/60 which I think is perfect else you really need to be lucky and have Jade with other ninjas

As many have stated previously the fact that Jade cuts mana means the enemy won’t fire their special that turn so you can take 1 turn away from the no. of dodge turns so in effect she’s only dodging for 2, 3 & 4 turns in each respective charge. The mana cut negates the current turn anyway !!! Very poorly thought out & extremely annoying that a hero that’s so difficult to pull & from a family that is highly coveted can be so impotent & unwanted & is only good for warming the bench/roster. Yes her stats. r very good but how can you justify spending all the time & mats. needed to level when she probably won’t even be used. Such a shame as she could be a decent hero. I love my Margaret & done properly she would be just as much appreciated as the other ninjas are.


Good point! She should have the mana cut removed

A beefier Margaret wud suit me fine. I’d be happy with her then. Lose the mana cut & five damage like the other ninjas. 1 then 3 then all. Not as powerful obviously but decent enough to add to the dodge.

Tbh, she isn’t good… not even a little bit

Which is unfortunate, as I was so excited when I saw a new dodge hero in beta, that I really wanted her more than the rest (lol silly me). However, in time, reading thru her SS, and now finally owning her, has all completely shifted my thoughts and mindset [on this hero]…

She’s the only supportive 5* ninja that doesn’t cover all allies thru all three charges.

(Shale is like that too, and unsurprising, he also sucks, but that’s all for another topic…)

Breaking it Down


10% Mana + 25% dodge damage for only self

  • The same mana cut as C. Li Xiu (a 4* with slower mana) with a 25% dodge damage for self vs 180% damage to all… However, the one caveat is Jade will fire twice - or charge to 2nd tier - by the time Li Xiu fires once - but @ 2nd tier, Li Xiu will actually still have her beat @ 20% mana cut + 150% AoE damage vs 15% mana cut + 50% dodge damage for three :sweat_smile:

  • The dodge is lower than the lowest Margaret’s can even hit (ie 30%), and only covers herself vs 3 (and there’s no mana gained per dodge). Also, a 10% mana cut vs 150% damage to 3… like, why?! Sure, it’s a 1.5 tiles less to charge, but still end up charging at a pretty similar pace with a lvl 11 mana troop involved…

Winner? Not Jade


15% Mana cut + 50% dodge damage for nearby allies

  • Mana cut is lower than Guin’s 20%, and instead of a HOT and elemental defense buff to three, you get a 50% chance to dodge direct damage to three

  • Her dodge is 6% less than Inari, only covers direct damage vs all of the SS, and only covers nearby allies vs all allies too (with that pesky mana cut in the way)

…and Inari gains minions and mana for her team

(And she’s widely thought to be needing a buff lol)

Compare her to C. Kadilen, and it becomes even more glaringly obvious that…

The winner will never be Jade


25% Mana cut + 75% dodge damage for all allies

  • Mana cut is the same as Chao’s, albeit to all enemies. Leonidas’s massive mana cut is still the best. & This is about two turns worth of SS cutting for the following…

  • Dodge is the guaranteed highest we have, although it’s still lower than the max Margaret can see @ 90% (albeit to all allies) - and again, it’s only direct damage. & Even though it says 5 turns, you’re probably only gonna make use of 3 :joy:

& We’re talking 15 tiles to get there… Is it worth it? Imo: hell no

Winner? Nope. Not Jade. Definitely not.


Dodge + mana cut do not meld well together.

You need a SS to fire in order to dodge, but cutting the mana inhibits that; it’s counterintuitive. The combination of em would be more tolerable, though, if either of the effects were more up to snuff; they’d still be working against each other, but hopefully at least one could do enough to delay the other team and save the day.

Basically suggesting that the dodge cover all allies, and effects, always, and the dodge chance be increased or the mana cut be way more brutal. Picking one lane, and making her really good at it, would at least be something… But right now, she’s not even mediocre all around, just absolutely terrible.

Although preferably, we’d see mana cut, or dodge damage, be replaced with something else entirely, but that’s probably not likely [at this point]. But if it were, might I suggest a few spit-balled ideas like:

  • Blind instead of mana cut
  • Attack buff instead of dodge
  • Or adding a HOT, cleanse or dispel on top of the already existing SS

Just something that adds a little more utility to her special regardless, and/or doesn’t have either component working against the other, but rather with it, would be a huge step.


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