Jade has to be buffed!

Understood!!! I can see clearly now, the rain has gone!!!

It’s not that many brand new 5* event heroes u pull & they instantly warm the bottom of your roster but Jade does it!! I couldn’t believe my luck when I pulled her when the Tower 1st came out, but then I read the small print! Boo!!! Gotta say on a brighter note, I like Thor. At 1st EVERYONE was comparing to ninjas as they didn’t understand how he works. I think he’s proper decent. Not a game changer but very useable. Charging in 6 tiles or 3 ghost with 9% mana troop. What’s not to like!!! The synergy with G. Jackal is awesome!!! If u r lucky to get C. Leo = GRAVY!!!

Firstly, I agree that she is UP compared to the other ninjas. The only ninja I pulled was Shale who is just awful and will likely live at 1/1 for the rest of his life.

However, based on your argument you are basically saying any non S1 hero should be as good as every other hero non S1 hero, which just doesn’t make sense and won’t work. In the most recent costume portal I pulled C Elkanen - which is a disappointment in a lot of ways as his costume is much weaker than most other 5* costumes. Does that mean he should be buffed, or shouldn’t exist? I don’t think so. I think he needs to be there to contrast with the stronger costumes. If they are all equal to each other then a lof of the challenge and enjoyment of the game goes away.

I am going to ascend C Elkanen and try to get the most value out of him that I can. And I won’t be calling for a buff.

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Yes but Elkanem hits 3 & heals. If not for costumes most S1 wud be obsolete & what I’m saying doesn’t apply to all non season 1’s. If u look at my point my gripe is the discrepancy between the 5* ninjas, the title is Jade needs a buff. If all ninjas were poor then it’s consistent I’d still have an issue as I expect heroes to get better not worse, & brand new heroes to be the best & most desirable but just to make 1 really bad has me scratching my head. All HotM have gotten stronger as they have progressed starting with Hel power: 760-ish & currently Uraeus power: 786. My beef is that Jade was singled out to be really poor with her abilities & if u were lucky enough to pull her after maybe spending a lot of cash u wud be really disappointed. Even tho her stats are good she’s unusable!!! Read my damn post properly!!! You won’t call for a buff that’s your prerogative but don’t single out 1 hero in a family for poor abilities. It’s just not cricket!

There is a discrepancy in costumes. There is a discrepancy in other event heroes. There is, and should always be a discrepancy.

This is no different to my example. C Elkanen stands out as a paticularly weak implementation of a 5* costume when compared to C Azlar (also features this portal), C Kadilen, etc. etc. The concept is exactly the same

That is blatantly untrue. Following Telluria, a number of recent HOTMs have been very underpowered compared to past HOTMs

I read your damn post properly. Don’t be rude or I will flag you.

Unless you make every non S1 hero in the game equally powerful and desirable that will always be the case.

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Flag me. Couldn’t care less. You have a gripe u moan. It’s our god given right!!!

Another “Please Buff…” thread? Look some heroes are good ones and other are bad ones, then there are a bunch in between. There you have it! Enough said!


I meant stronger as in their card power. Going totally off topic. Jade is busted end of. If u r happy that SGG keeps doing this then derrrrr! U must have an impressive roster that u couldn’t care less!!! Ninjas r hard to get & were supposed to be the most powerful in the game. Jade didn’t get this memo. U r twisting my Mellon man!!! Jog on with your C. Elkanen!!! Use the costume to boost his original stats & use his original S.S. u don’t have to use his costume. U pull Jade & u HAVE to use her skills or lack of.

By discrepancy. Do you mean imbalances?
Why is balance an unhealthy goal?

Come on!!! Look at Jade, there’s discrepancies & there’s taking the Michael!!!

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Nope - the OP is saying all (paywall) heroes should be equally powerful to avoid buyer regret. I am saying it is healthier for there to be stronger heroes, weaker heroes and in-between heroes. By making all new heroes equally OP I would think that the powercreep increases, which is something you have been against…

No I don’t. My gripe is Jade. She is by far the most broken of all recent heroes. In a family of 5 where the other 4 are bosses she’s a lackey!!! U can manage with other heroes. They do damage, buffs, ailments etc. Worthy abilities. Jade is poop!!!

Well done. Can’t have a constructive argument so u flag & hide.

You are the only person in this topic that is not having a constructive argument. If someone doesn’t agree with you it doesn’t mean you have to resort to yelling and calling names. Try having a constructive argument in return.

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Well talk about the topic. Jade!!! She is pathetic!!! I’m not talking about making ALL non S1 heroes the same power. I was angry because u r quoting me saying something that I’m not & I can’t STAND that!!! My gripe is with Jade with reference to this post. She’s busted & needs fixing. Not like other heroes cuz she’s seriously broke. I’m sure SGG have the stats that compared to the other ninjas she’s hardly used. The ninjas r supposed to be all powerful yet anyone pulling Jade just doesn’t bother with her. Why just her???

The problem is your argument, if we accepted it as valid, is applicable to all non S1 heroes, You say how can 1 hero be released which is worse than other heroes. In every season, every event, there is 1 or more heroes which are clealry inferior to other heroes. So by your argument because Jade is wearker than the other heroes in the same family/portal, she should be buffed. That then can be extended to say any hero which is released which is wearker than the other heroes in the same family/portal should be buffed. You can’t look at this in isolation.

Although, of course, you aren’t looking at the bigger picture. You are looking at it from the point of view that you personally have Jade, she is not as great a new toy as you wanted, and you want her to be a better toy so you can have more fun playing with her. You don’t care about any game or balance ramifications.

Yes. I am against any form of imbalance and find power creeps are creating entire roster issues over time. Such as… If balance was maintained then expensive costumes would be unnecessary. And are only the beginning of this issue.
And underwhelming heroes generate resentment.

And feel that any argument stating that imbalanced heroes are necessary for challenging us, detract from… us… as players to be creative and craft challenging defenses. Which would enhance:

by fostering a more expansive variety!

is an exhausting philosophy!
A double-edged blade that cuts on you no matter where you stand from one side or the other…

So yeah @milkyjoe001
I’m sorry you got the ninja dud.
But… buff… nerf… forget it…

Just kick back and watch the chips fall.
By this time next year the same arguments will be made. The costumes will have to expand. And the money spent today, will be… :joy:
Nerfed tomorrow

Let’s be honest. With this game today is already yesterday things move on so quick. It’s a shame that some players get left behind & end up quitting the game cuz they can’t keep up. My point with Jade, it seems she was pulled quite a lot & im thinking of the poor fella who saved his hard earned pennies to finally pull a ninja 5* & he gets Jade. Poor bloke!!! Poor me!!! Hee, hee!! Only joking, I’ve a decent enough roster for a (pay-but-only-the-good-value-offers) player. Much love to all!!! Peace!! No hard feeling people. Good chat/argument. LOL!!! Jade is trash tho!!


It is okay to have different opinions.

In some way, i have seen Jade’s main contribution to reduce mana very fast, in particular since it reduces for everyone. Hence I see her very useful in many situations. I see the dodge part as bonus so she can survive and continue to reduce mana.

Happy gaming


A friend yvw @Kalis asked me to join this conversation. Having just fought her in a friendly battle, my only feedback to my team mate is, oh my gosh Jade added nothing to his defense. She fired her special multiple times, yeah her defense stats are bulky, but her special is meh!

I’d imagine pulling any ninja must be like Christmas, I wouldn’t know, I’ve never pulled one lol and then you pull Jade. I suppose someone has to get the coal?! :thinking:


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