🏯 Jade - 5* Nature / Green from Ninja Tower

Remove the dodge only to damage & dodge ALL special skills like Hanitra, C. Kad. & Bastet.

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I guess the problem with jade is her dodge doesn’t give an advantage to your situation. Margaret who dodges the same way as jade will at least boost mana.

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That’s who I plan to pair her with, but I anticipate it not working well. Ruby is a glass cannon and Jade’s effect is not strong enough. I agree with most that they aren’t good on defense, but I’m going to try it anyway. Honestly, cups mean nothing other than bragging rights anyway and my offense can repair any damage done on defensive losses. I think the only thing that will be good is those two together already have an innate ability to dodge. I’ve had that be annoying fighting ninja teams in the past.


if you somehow also get waterpipe in next covenant (blue minions that cut mana), that could be your dream trio :slight_smile:

Jade - Waterpipe - Ruby :slight_smile:

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