Jackal Emblem Question

What is the highest level purple titan that Jackal can survive slash attacks with if he has no emblems?

I don’t have G. Jackal but I would ask the other players to copy/paste their results as this, to include troops and items into the mix:

  • titan’s name and level:
  • titan’s attack reduction:
  • hero’s defense bonus:
  • G. Jackal DEF:
  • G. Jackal starting HP:

I have G. Jackal +10 , but my alliance just killing 5* titans, so, it easy to survive. At least with BT in team or other healer.

Had 147, 150 and 145 damage received by skill attack.
Wasn’t attacked by single shot.

My Jackal is emblemmed +7 with a defense 567 and health 1104.
I use him agains 8* Onyx Dragon. He manages to the end in most cases with the help of axes.

I have mine at +15 and he easily survived hits from a 12-13* titans.

I went the attack route the whole way (essentially made him an even bigger gass cannon).

Can survive 1 slash from a 10-11* titan without items. Then on 12* and up I use an axe attack if I’m worried. But usually can take a hit

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I pair him with Drake to benefit from the elemental link of 5% more attack and defense.

Other than that, I go 2/3 attack route, 1/3 defense.

I have Jackal no emblems and a level 12 crit troop and he’ll survive one hit from a 14 star titan.

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The key to really enjoying my emblemed Jackal was mentally choosing an appropriate sound bite to associate with Dodge triggering.

Once he’s maxed, give him one emblem at least to trigger his dodge.

I had her start dying enough to notice around 7/8… enough to care 10+

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