Jack’s Pumpkin Bomb not affecting nearby targets

When Jack’s pumpkin bomb goes off, there is no evidence that it affects nearby targets. Either it is not performing as advertised or the screen animation is not showing the damage.

Note it only affects nearby when the bomb itself goes off (i.e. after 3 turns).

Personally my Jack has been performing / working properly in offence (both in Tournament & Event).

Do you perchance have a video of what you’re referring to?

Okay, the bomb is supposed to go off when the target is defeated (in addition to after 3 turns). I saw it work properly in my first video, so I tried again. In this video, Jack’s special kills the target but does not appear to inflict any damage on the nearby monsters. I interpret from Jack’s card that it should.

I can’t get the video to upload here. Give me a moment, and I will provide a link.

This video shows Jack killing the tank but no damage happening to the monsters flanking him. I don’t know if The target received any pumpkin damage because the icon didn’t appear, but the way the card reads, I think the flankers should be affected. The death occurs with the second set of monsters.

Based on my attempts making videos, I think the case I show here is the only one where it doesn’t work as I think it is supposed to. I assume that the Ai is never throwing the pumpkin because the target dies with the first part of the special, but I interpret from the card that the pumpkin SHOULD be able to damage nearby enemies, even in this case. NOTE: the card text says that the pumpkin goes off after three turns OR when the target is defeated.

Here’s the problem: If Jack’s attack KILLS the target, then it doesn’t apply the status effect (the bomb) to the target, so then the sides don’t take damage.

Make sure you’re hitting a target that won’t be killed by Jack’s (admittedly small) initial damage, and it’ll work like a charm.

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They fixed it for Carol

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As @Fizban said.

Because the card processes in the order written, if the target dies due to the direct damage, the Pumpkin Bomb status effect isn’t applied.

Thus no damage when the target dies as they’re already dead.

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