🎃 Jack - 3* Dark/ Purple from Return to Morlovia (Halloween) (NEW)

I’m keeping 2 unleveled Jacks just b/c Morlovia only rolls around once per year. But so far, I can’t see why I would ever level him other than just for variety. I’d honestly rather level a 3rd and 4th Balthazar before him or 3rd Bjorn.

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I agree hes kind of overshadowed by snipers. I maxed mine just incase. But I was just more going along with the stack comments. Hes a niche hero, damage should be lower and turns made to 2

So tastes are different…I don’t like squishy heroes…so Balthazar does not fit my playstyle for tournaments. I have one maxed incl. costume but would never do a 2nd. I have 2x Tyrum maxed … that I can use both versions on the same team…for the effect I almost always choose one of the Tyrums over him…only using Balthazar for events. A 2nd Bjorn…yes…waiting at 1.1 .

To put it short…I really would like to have Jack.

Balthazar+CB is 443 def and 712 HP.
Jack is 450 def and 752 HP; that’s barely any sturdier.
On offense it won’t make a difference.

For me personally, Balthazar is also superior to Jack for my mono purple challenge event team for pushing top 1k. Therefore, I can use Balthazar for both tournaments and challenge events whereas Jack would only see minor play in some tournaments.

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True. Jacks special is not suited for events.

I don’t say he is better than Balthazar. I just say I like underdog heroes and would like to have him…but I guess I did all my pulls for this year.

This is what I was thinking. There’s not really a stat difference between the two.

If it’s not suited for events what is it suited for?

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I pulled 2 Jack’s. I like his special; that bomb going off and affecting 3 heros. MARVELOUS!!!

What I want to know is: is it worth keeping 2 Jack’s? And why or why not?

I kept 2. Mainly for some fun in Rush Attack Tournaments. Basically pair him with himself and just go nuts on the enemy with pumpkins :smiley:


Me encanta Jack, pero tiene un error, ya que no hace el efecto con los enemigos cercanos al objetivo, se va a corregir eso?

I love Jack, but he has a bug, since he doesn’t do the effect on enemies close to the target, is that going to correct?

I’ve been using him for this month’s Guardians event, paired with Chochin. Jack goes first and pumpkin bombs the middle target, then Chochin hits all three. The middle monster generally dies after Chochin’s special, which sets off the bomb, killing the other 2 monsters. Pretty decent synergy, really.

I’ve primarily been farming stage 3 of the event, so this might not be enough to kill later-level monsters unless both heroes are emblemed somewhat. Still, it’s been a fun pairing for me so far.


He‘s fun to use. Went all attack.


ive also been using him with Bjorn in this challenge event. fun to use for sure, and great for picking off corner monsters.

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No habrá respuesta alguna para la petición de la corrección del poder de Jack?.. Es un error básico que no pueden solucionar, ni dar respuesta?..

There will be no answer to the request for the correction of Jack’s power? … Is it a basic error that they cannot solve, nor give an answer? …


Have you reported it as a bug in the bugs section?

I guess no one here has experienced it, so you may have to take it up with the bugs people.

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