Jabberwocky poison not resisted by Gato's special?

just noticed that Gato’s special doesnt help against Jabber’s poison in challenge stages (number 9 to be specific). I know Jab’s poison is undispellable, but unresistable too?

Picture/ video?

What I believe is more likely is that the timer ran out on Gato special.

Another possibility is some kinda interaction with Gato dying and reviving.

Looks like gato resists just fine to me.

Don’t worry 290 gatos

I think OP is using gato on offense against jabberwock in lvl 6 or 14 of the wonderland stages. But right now I can not try out.

just tested it on 6th stage - Gato’s special does work. I guess I used his special after the poison was on, but forgot it.

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