Jabberwocky - 600% Damage Against Titans?


Fun fact: In the original Dragon Ball manga Vegeta said “It’s over 8000”, but it didn’t have the same ring as 9000, so they changed it in the anime. So his scouter got a buff. :rofl:


Since I don’t want to do math…and you enjoy it…

Can you tell me how much damage Jabberwock will do?

Is it 2 hits of 300% or 1 hit of 600%…what’s the difference…what is the meaning of life…etc.


Oh the days of reading BP on Scouters (one of the coolest devices, especially the sound they made).
Vegeta when first arrived on Earth was 18000, if I remembered correctly.


It is difficult to answer this question without actually knowing what level of titan the OP is hitting. But I will just give an example of my own.

From my calculations, I have seen that the defense stat of an 8* titan is usually around 700. So let’s assume that for our case. Also, lets assume that we put a level 10 mana troop on Jabberwocky, so the troop attack boost is 20%.

Given this scenario and his stats, the damage caused by him on the titan will be:

100×((743×1.2×6)÷700)^1.35 = 1557

Comparing under same circumstances, Lianna will do a damage of:

100×((729×1.2×5.12)÷700)^1.35 = 1225

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


This isn’t quite right, though:

So it should actually be:

2x100×((743×1.2×3)÷700)^1.35 = 1222

…which is basically the same as Lianna.




Thanks for the clarification. From the OPs post I just assumed that he hits for double damage when only one enemy is present. I should have reviewed the hero card more before posting. I apologize for any confusion. Your calculation is absolutely correct. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t3:


So slapped twice:

And not once:


Can somebody give cliffs notes here, is Jabba a yellow titan boss or not?

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Jabberwocky hits like Lianna against Yellow titans…in theory.


Better than Sartana, thanks to his higher atk as well.

But not a gamechanger like Panther.


Lianna plus some poison damage though? Or total special dmg is like Lianna?

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Lianna plus the poison damage, although for a titan that is negligible. :slight_smile:


How much would the elemental defense down plus general defense down enhance the damage by? Say we are hitting 6 star titans?

Well, if we assume that a 6 star has a defense stat of 500, and you have applied a - 34% normal defense down (Tiburtus) and - 54% elemental defense down (Panther), then the theoretical damage by Jabberwocky would be:

2×100×((743×1.2×3)÷(500×(1−0.54)))^1.35 = 5490 [Only the elemental defense down stacks for the special]

But I am guessing there should be a soft cap for the maximum damage done on that titan level and hence the actual damage would be lot lesser. :slight_smile:

PS: This is only theoretical because I don’t actually know the defense stat of a 6 star titan, unless someone calculates using the formula that I shared in one of the above linked posts. :slight_smile:

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I used similar math but applied the 3 times multiplier after the exponent and got a fairly mundane 1398 pts+, which is more in accordance with what you might expect with a special that is really only 33% more than a 450% special.
Either way, you shouldn’t be wasting time on a Titan with specials unless they are attack buffers/defense debuffers.

But I’ve been wrong before, quite frequently for extended periods.


Usually all attack multipliers goes into the attack stat, so there should not be anything outside the exponent. :slight_smile:

This is the most important point and I think players forget this a lot. In titans it’s all about the tile damage, specials are only a drop of water in the ocean of tile damage. :slight_smile:


Dumb question I was wondering for a while…what means the Cirkumflex ^ in this special case?

Seriously, I’m just confusing myself at the moment trying to get the math to fit ANYTHING that resembles a numerical mean in damage from specials. Once you have applied an attack down the actual real life variation can be enormous. I was just trying out specials on known Bosses and got results of 600-830 from specials and then applied a 34% defense down and got multiple results of 1110-1320. I’m starting to wish I had not started down this rabbit hole.

But as you say: don’t use most specials on a Titan unless they are an attack buff or defense down, set off Sartana, for example, and you lose more than 10 seconds of play when a strong colour can give you 200+ per tile not counting critical attacks.

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