Jabberwock special -vs- counterattack

In a raid that was all over but the crying, Cyprian’s counterattack was protecting my opponents’ 2 remaining heroes: vivica & cyprian. Vivica with about 50 health and cyprian with about 100. I let jabberwock’s special fly knowing that would end the fight and it did… but instead of taking a counterattack for the health each hero had remaining, I took full “dealt” damage. It was something like 660 & 678 returned when it should have been more like 65 & 120. It happened quickly and I wasn’t recording so I can’t show it, but that’s what happened. I don’t know if it’s specifically cyprian, or jabberwock’s special against any counterattack hero.

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Yes it’s a bug and currently in process of being fixed

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Is it against all counterattacks or just cyprian? It’d be helpful to know since I like to use him. Any guess on when it’ll be fixed?

All counterattacks

Included an ETA above

Late february

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That’s your 14th solution @Rigs, nice work


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