Jabberwock & Panther vs. lone enemy bug

I hope this isn’t one of those “you’re an idiot, it’s supposed to work that way” threads.

But I think there’s a bug when Jabberwock hits the lone remaining enemy and Panther’s Elemental defense down is active on that lone enemy. Both of Jabberwock’s hits should be about the same value. However, it looks like sometimes the Elemental defense down is ignored on one of the hits and the damage is much lower for one of the two hits.

E.g. you should not see hits like this:

Test cases showing normal Jabberwock hits of approximately equal values:

Jabberwock +ATT vs. Isarnia

Jabberwock +ATT vs. Gullinbursti

Test cases showing the bug with -EleDEF:

Jabberwock vs. Leonidas -EleDEF

Jabberwock +ATT vs. Uraeus -EleDEF -Mana

Jabberwock +ATT vs. Marie Therese -Mana -EleDEF

Jabberwock +ATT vs. Magni -Mana -EleDEF

While this seems to be reproducible most of the time. I have seen cases where -EleDef is active and both hits show correct values:

Jabberwock vs. Mob
Jabberwock +ATT vs. Zimkitha -EleDEF -Mana (Non-Raid)

Jabberwock +ATT vs. Domitia -EleDEF

So it’s not 100% reproducible. But I hope this is enough data to point the devs in the right direction to fix the bug. This is using v39.0.1 Build 1545 on Android.

Because the target is killed in the first hit, so the second hit will be uneffected by lower def. This also happen to normal lower def and any other multiple hit too. This bug happen for more than 3 years. However, it have no effect since it will happen only when the target is killed in the first hit.

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So… not exactly “you’re an idiot, it’s supposed to work that way”, but close.

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