Jabberwock is trying to get Kages tabbards

So I’ve been waiting for 1 tabbard to ascend Kage. Then I pulled Jabberwock. Seems like I have two great choices.

My maxed dark 5* are:
Kunchen +3
Ursena +9

At 70 are domitia, Thoth, obakan. Kage and soon Jabberwock.

4* maxed proteus, Merlin, And Tibs

Is Kage still the obvious choice to ascend or is Jabberwock more worthy?

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Defense and Pvp go kage
Titan go jabberwock

Don’t know anyone who regrets giving tabards to kage, especially if you have LVL11 mana troops.


I would choose Kage. The only situation I would choose Jab, is referring to emblems. If you have a GM emblemed and still no monk (or a worthless one), then the obvious choice is Jab. I see him extremely lethal anyway.



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Not having Kage I can’t comment 100% in a comparison.

I can say that I am loving my Jabber. Great fun to play with and is becoming a staple in both raids and titan hits.

My other purples for reference qre:

  • khiona and Kunchen at 4/80
  • seshat x3, sartana, jabber, Victor at 3/70
  • Many 4*s at 4-70

This is such an easy Kage choice it isn’t even funny…


Yeah, you pretty much can not go run with Cage. The very fast is pretty hard to ignore and the dispel before he hits is handier then most people realize. With Ursena and Kunch do Cage third and Jabber after.


Why are yall choosing Kage over jabby? Is jabby not any good in war?

Jab by is good … most will say that. It’s just Cage is one of the best.

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Also Kage let’s you choose the target and always applies his damage to one target - which is quite the advantage most of the time


Thanks for the replies. Kage then Jabber it is.


I think ppl are biased to what they know, Jabber is going to be a beast, would def pick him.

Being biased to what is proven is a safer bet. Let the whales take the gambles and learn from their mistakes…

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but… new and shiny!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea unfortunately in this game, new & shiny isnt always better than the last new & shiny lol

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Kage - the obvious choice

The ability to choose your target = the ability to save your as* sometimes

Jabber is great with alot of DPS power but is better used as a follow up hitter/finisher (maybe after Ursena for the finish)